Decorating Your Home With the Most Iconic LDS Artwork

LDS Artwork

When it comes to decorating your home, everything is about the right balance while adding the perfect touches. From small trinkets to large decor items, finding a way to pull a room together depends on several factors that include both. Adding religious pieces to your home can be difficult at times if you don’t have the right elements for the style of your home. Whether modern, traditional, or contemporary here are some tips to add the most iconic LDS artwork to your home. 

Savior art 

Nothing reminds you more of the good deeds the Savior came to do than with a painting of the humble service he came to do. Whether it was christ washing the feet of his disciples, healing the lepers and diseased, or calming the stormy sea, walking past one of these paintings in a high traffic hallway will remind you and your family daily of the humble servant christ is and to strive to be more like him. If you thought these paintings only came in a traditional style, think again. With paintings by Jorge Coco, these types of paintings can be found in a more modern, contemporary style to go with your modern style decor. 

Temple art

When it comes to temples, it’s always such an inspiring feeling whenever you get to visit in person. Jaw dropping temples such as the Salt Lake Temple and the St. George Temple are some of the greatest architectural masterpieces that should be visited during your lifetime. To bring these masterpieces home is to have a delicate, detailed painting of them over your mantel, in your family night room, or in your office. A great way to stage these types of paintings in your home is to collect a few different temple paintings by artists such as Ben Felix to create a gallery wall of a few historic temples that include the Vernal and Manti Temples. If you have been lucky enough to visit one of these temples then this would make a great “souvenir” to remember the time you spent walking the grounds. 

Thought provoking art

Have you ever walked past a painting that made you stop and take a second look? Artists such as Brian Kershisnik creates unique masterpieces that make you stop dead in your tracks. The colors mixed with themes such as “Everyone is Carrying Stuff” will have you reflect on your own interpretation of the painting such as your family dynamic or how we should view every person in our society while “Divine Intervention” will have you thinking about your own thoughts and reflections. Brian’s artwork is meant to encourage deep thoughts and therefore makes a great focal point for an empty space in a room that needs it. In dining or entryway, his art will spark conversation so be sure to place one of these paintings where you need a conversation starter. 

Other artists such as J. Kirk Richards is a very awe-inspiring artist that paints in all kinds of styles and themes to reflect moments from the LDS faith in traditional and modern designs so be sure to look at his work as it too will add the perfect touch to any home.  





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