How To Use PEMF Mat To Help Manage Knee Pain?


There is advancing evidence that stands in support of PEMFs. The waves go deep into the body tissues, changing the way the body deals with the pain. The organization has approved this technique for depression, post-op pain, and even fusing broken bones. This blog will help in knowing the use of PEMF Mat to manage the knee pain.

Amethyst mats are a common way to get these treatments. These contain electrical coils through which electricity passes and creates a magnetic field in the body.

This paves the way for healing at a deep level. An amethyst mat, as the name implies, contains an amethyst stone. Generally, around 20 lbs of the material are found in such a mat.

Amethyst is actually a superconductor gemstone that has its own magnetic field. This provides similar benefits to that of PEMF therapy. The crystals will help in producing negative ions in the body that improve mood and repair damaged cells.

How Can you Set up the Mat?

Setting up a mat for knee pain relief is quite easy. You need to choose a professional setting where you can store it for convenient usage. Then, you need to place it somewhere flat and connect the control panel as you plug it in the socket. Place a cover over the mat and then control the temperature settings according to requirement.

Controlling the Heat Sessions

As you get accustomed to using the mat on lower settings, you can up your level to the ultimate knee pain healing through more intense sessions. A lot of users report dramatic results as they incorporate around an hour of the session three to five times a week. You can cover it through some blankets or towels for inducing sweats.

Guidelines for Knee Pain

For a targeted therapy for knee pain, you need to place over a small pillow and pad applicator on the concerned area, which in this case is the knee. The applicator might be usable at the same time with the full body mat or as it is prior to or after the full-body session for treatment.

As you lie in a supine position, the copper coils present in the mat will translate the low voltage signal into the same amount of the pulsating magnetic fields. These types of fields will then penetrate the body to make deep healing at the cellular level of the body. You might be able to get a light sensation or some kind of warm feeling. However, most people do not get any kind of feeling, which is totally fine too.

Daily Ritual for Pain Relief

Most of the time, the knee pain people complain about is a chronic condition, which requires regular and disciplined treatment. For lasting relief, it is important to go for the treatment for just 15 to 30 minutes a day. It may help manage the pain without getting risky medications or procedures that might lead to addiction, any sort of internal bleeding, and other side effects.

Depending upon the issue that caused knee pain, you might require treatments for a longer duration. The PEMF mat is considered safe, so it might even be utilized for longer periods of time, such as overnight as you sleep.

The whole body system of medium intensity provides a set of some programs having fixed frequencies. In most cases, these frequencies range from 0.5 Hz to 23 Hz. Some of the programs offer a frequency for the maximum benefit.

Final Word

The amethyst mat for PEMF is a great investment enabling for convenient and flexible management of chronic and acute knee pain. Consider the settings and adjust accordingly to avail maximum benefits.



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