Top Outdoor Lighting Trends in 2021

Outdoor Lighting Trends

All homeowners realize the importance of proper lighting, whether it is indoor lighting or outdoor lighting. Good lighting can make you feel proud of your home. It can also say a lot about you and your family. Hence, it is important to make a good statement with outdoor lighting. It can even make you stand out in your neighborhood. When people are walking on the sidewalk in the evening, they are sure to turn their heads and notice your home. Your outdoor lighting should complement your indoor lighting well. The reason why it is so important to place emphasis on outdoor lighting is that it increases the value of your home considerably. It also makes for a great outdoor ambience. Not only does outdoor lighting offer great functionality and design, but it can also help immensely with the beautification of your home. If you want to revamp or upgrade your outdoor space, you will have many things to consider. You will have to think about the many bulbs, their designs, the fixtures, the lighting styles, the outdoor lighting ratings and much more. Homeowners usually prefer availing themselves of the services of and other such companies to meet their needs. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest outdoor lighting trends, this article can help you. We will go into exactly how you can beautify your outdoor space and be the best-looking house in the neighborhood.

Some of the Most Popular Outdoor Lighting Trends in 2021

Solar-powered lights

If you are living in a place where you get some good hours of sunlight in a day, you should definitely consider going for solar-powered lights. You will find many variations in solar-powered lights such as solar-powered path lights, string lights, spotlights, fence lights, deck lights, wall lights and much more. Hence, you have many options to choose from

You can even find solar-powered lanterns and candles. They are a great addition to your outdoor space. It would be best if you also considered lighting up your walkway. The beauty of solar LEDs is that they are fairly easy when it comes to installation. The wiring requirements aren’t that difficult either. Most of them are DIY appliances.

The light given out is warm and beautiful. Solar-powered lights are also very environmentally friendly. You usually get a warranty for the year. There is not much maintenance you have to indulge in. Also, keep in mind that solar energy is inexhaustible. Hence, this is definitely a convenient choice.

Smart security lights.

With all the technological advancements being made, it is only reasonable to make the best of it. You can truly make your home a smart, 21st century home. With smart security lights, you now have a great degree of control over your outdoor lighting. You can easily control your lights through voice controls.

You can use voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to operate these lights. All you need is basically a smartphone and a good internet connection or Bluetooth connectivity.

The best thing about these modern smart security lights is that they tend to come in many great settings that your kids will surely enjoy. They are customizable, and you can basically alter the settings of these lights to suit whatever occasion or event you are holding in your outdoor space. Whether it is a holiday festival, a family gathering or a romantic occasion, you can set the tone for the night by using these lights.

Brass fixtures

Brass is made from zinc and copper. A big advantage of using brass is that it is non-corrosive. Even though the color might surely change in a few years, that is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to brass. This is because brass tends to turn to a darker shade in time, especially if you are living on the coast. But that can give them an antique and weathered look.

Although brass fixtures are quite the investment, you are sure not to regret it. Brass is well known for being highly durable. There are also many great styles available. You have a wide range of options. Your brass fixtures can have a classic look to them or perhaps resemble one of those from the Victorian era. You can even go for an artsy look.

Outdoor wall lights

By using outdoor wall lights, beautiful lights can be cast on the walls of your home. They look incredibly attractive, and every passerby is sure to notice. The installation of these lights is not something you should try all by yourself. You should definitely hire a professional for the installation of these lights.

The good thing about these lights is that you can use them throughout the year. Some of these lights available in the market are capable of turning on by themselves when it’s evening, and they turn off by morning. Hence, they can help you save a lot of money. They are very a cost-efficient choice.

Outdoor string lights

There is a good reason why string lights are called “fairy lights”. By using string lights, you are sure to make your outdoor space seem like something that is straight out of a fairy tale. It is capable of giving a beautiful, magical look. Not only is it aesthetically superior to most of the other lighting options, but it also doesn’t consume so much power.

Whether it is Christmas or any other festival or holiday season, these lights are sure to make the occasions memorable. Kids love these lights. It should undoubtedly be an essential part of your holiday decorating scheme as you can create the perfect festive atmosphere for the children.

If you want to decorate your outdoor space, string lights are the ideal choice. You have so many options to choose from. You can get solar LED lantern string lights, vintage string lights and much more. You can even use these lights around your trees. As these lights hug the trees, they add incredible novelty to your outdoor space. You can even use them around your walkway, lawn and on fences.

 Twinkle string lights are also now a popular choice among homeowners. They give this great twinkly effect that makes your outdoor space look extremely attractive and mesmerizing. String lights are a great option as they are very affordable.


Whatever year it might be, lanterns are always relevant and trendy. They can make a great statement. The use of lanterns has been around since the 18th and 19th century. There is plenty of history behind them. And so, you have innumerable options to choose from. The versatility of lanterns is unparalleled. They come in many colors, metals, shapes and sizes.

You can go for glass lanterns that look more traditional. They will give a great nostalgic look to your outdoor space. Or you can also go for the more contemporary choices. Make sure to place the lantern fixtures carefully to ensure their longevity. It is important for lanterns to be protected from harsh weather conditions as they have chances of getting affected.

You can also consider buying some portable lanterns. In fact, the modern-day portable lanterns come with a Bluetooth speaker! Hence, they are a perfect choice if you are hosting parties or events with your friends and family in your outdoor space.

Outdoor globe lights

Globe lights are a fantastic choice for the garden in your outdoor space. These lights are popular for creating a unique, other-worldly and celestial feeling. Your garden will look like it is straight out of a children’s storybook. It can also look incredibly romantic.

Globe lights come in various styles and sizes. Nowadays, you also get globe lights which you can hang from the trees. You can also buy globe string lights or globe wall lights. There are plenty of variations for you to consider. Make sure to choose the right size that will suit your garden. When you do it right, your garden will look like it is illuminated by moonlight.

Step lights

You can install these both for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Make sure to go for the ones that are waterproof. You can install these either on the step, under the step or beside the step. You can go for the classic white lights or for the ones that change in colors.

Make sure to do your research as you need to choose the right material which is suitable for the environment you live in. The lights must also be warm and calm. You will also have to carefully consider the spacing and placement of these lights to make sure they look good.

Bollard lights

Although these were typically used in more of a corporate setting, we now see a growing trend where homeowners are using them as well. Proper installation of bollard lights is sure to make you feel proud about yourself as you pull your car into your driveway.

These lights can accentuate the beauty of nature around your home or even enhance the architectural features of your home in an interesting way. They come in many types, such as standard cone reflector, louver, type V glass reflectors and other options. You can even install them in patterns that you find to suit your particular outdoor space settings.

When you revamp your outdoor space using these lights, it is ideal to consider what exactly your lighting needs are and what specific areas should be in your focus. If your focus is entirely on aesthetics, you may possibly lose out on functionality and security. Hence, you must strike a proper balance between these various factors and carefully decide what sort of lighting style you want to go for.

In Conclusion

By staying up-to-date with these modern trends, 2021 will be the year of style and grace. Just make sure that you go for lights that don’t cause too much glare or hurt your eyes. The lights must be pleasant to look at. Also, make sure that all your entryways, pathways and walkways are sufficiently illuminated. Hence, it is important to go for the proper wattage. The lights must suit the style of your home and ensure proper visibility.

A good outdoor space will not only make you feel happy, but it will also carry with it an excellent resale value should you ever consider selling your place and moving to some other place. Hence, it would be best to think about your light schemes with great care and attention or hire professionals to help you with them. 

Outdoor lighting, when done right, will make for a great relaxing space for your friends and family. Your guests will find you easy to locate. It will be a fantastic way to welcome them. With some outdoor furniture and a barbecue grill set, you will have a great time relaxing with people close to you.


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