Prepare Your Lawn for Summer

Prepare Your Lawn for Summer

Having a beautiful summer lawn requires a little work. This isn’t just true for your summer lawn care routine, you need to lay the groundwork during spring. Without this early preparation work, your lawn will not look as lush or green as it can. Have a look on how to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer.

While preparing your lawn can be a little work, it will be well worth it when summer starts. With the following tips, you can get your lawn ready to have the best season possible this year.

Get Your Lawn Equipment Ready

If your lawn equipment has spent winter in the shed or garage, it is time to get it out to perform the annual maintenance. Clean your tools off and provide the maintenance they need. Sharpen the blades on your lawn mower and turn everything on to make sure it still works. If parts need to be replaced or fixed, get it done early.

If your old mower or string trimmer needs to be replaced, look into buying a new one. If you want to take some of the work out of caring for your lawn this year, you could even consider getting a robotic lawn mower. These machines can set the ideal schedule for mowing your lawn and many of them can provide better results than doing it yourself.

Clean it Up

Winter can leave a lot of debris around the yard. Whether it is leaves, branches or any other type of debris, it needs to be removed. Walk around the yard and collect any large pieces of debris that may be in the yard. After that, you can rake any leaves or small sticks that are in the yard. If you have a leaf blower, you can get this work done in less time.

Apply a Spring Fertilizer

Most homeowners should apply fertilizer to their lawn for spring. This will help to feed the grass as it starts growing again and set it up for a strong summer. You just want to make sure you are using the right spring fertilizer for your grass and the conditions of your yard.

Make sure to water your lawn the day before applying the fertilizer and then water it again afterward. You should also read the instructions that come with the fertilizer to make sure you are applying the right amount.

Add a Top Dressing

Adding a top dressing is a step that many homeowners overlook when it comes to lawn care. With top dressing, you are adding a thin layer of material like compost or soil over the lawn. This can enhance the soil by amending it with new nutrients and it can also help with things like soil compaction and drainage. Once again, this is a step that will benefit from understanding your soil. The idea is to boost the health of the natural soil, but you do not want to add anything that will throw the balance off.

Set Your Schedule

Finally, you should take the time to plan your summer lawn care routine. Consider things like how often to mow, how short to cut the grass, when to water, how much water the lawn needs and more. Beyond that, you should also think about mid-season maintenance for your outdoor tools. Whether you are using gas or a cordless lawn mower, you might need to change or sharpen the blades before the end of summer. With a lawn care schedule worked out and plans for maintenance, it will be easier to achieve the nice-looking lawn you want this summer.


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