Guide for Choosing New Windows Fitted in The UK

Choosing New Windows

Replacing things on a recently purchased house, or just deciding them for one that is getting built, is one of the many duties of a homeowner. However, it is normal to have little to no idea about the aspects of a house you should care about, and how their locations, types, and materials can influence the level of comfort a home can provide.

Things like the type of doors and their materials, the floor tiles, the colour of the wall paint, which types of furniture you should get, and the windows you should install in your house, are among the most common things one has to deal with when it comes to buying or building a house. 

This article is meant to be a guide for those struggling with the window’s aspect of a house, and it will provide information about why windows should be dealt with care, how they can influence the level of comfort of a house, and some of the alternatives you have.

How Windows Influence Houses

For those who believe that windows are not as important as other aspects of a house, this section is for you. Just so you know, they are much more than just aesthetical assets since they can influence a lot of features of a home without you even knowing it!

For example, as indicated here, carefully located windows will be able to provide enough natural light to enter a specific room of the house, reducing the amount of artificial light required for people to be in said room. This, if applied in different commuted areas of a home, can greatly reduce electricity expenses.

This can be really useful for places like study rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and libraries. I would actually recommend adding at least one window to each room of the house, just for the sake of adding extra ventilation and sunlight.

Natural light is also much better than artificial light since it provides health benefits that no lightbulb can provide. Did you know that sunlight is the main vitamin D source we can rely on? Not even supplements are capable of providing as much vitamin D as 30 minutes of sunlight can provide, and windows can let you enjoy this benefit without even leaving your house.

Another important aspect, as I subtly mentioned earlier, is ventilation. The more ventilation a house has, the more heat (or cold) can access it, depending on the weather circumstances where you live. Ventilation can also greatly improve the air quality of a home, and this can reduce the risks of suffering or worsening certain respiratory complications like allergies and asthma.

It can also reduce the levels of humidity in a house, which is one of the main reasons for mould growth. If you are interested in more details about ventilation, you can visit

Why Replace Old Windows

Depending on the type of window, specific problems might arise. More precisely speaking, these problems tend to be caused by a lack of maintenance. Wood, for example, is well known for rotting and causing problems with friction if not treated properly.

Aluminium and steel, although much more resistant than wood, can also suffer from stains caused by oxide, humidity, and other external influences. Other types of materials, like composed frames, can also have the same problems.

These problems might reduce the air quality of a house depending on the gravity of the situation, and they might also become dangerous threats to your family if left alone, especially if you have kids.

That is why replacing them is always the right choice and contractors who provide new windows in Milton Keynes might be able to help you with the whole process. Although replacing a window is doable by yourself, having a professional do it for you will make sure that the whole thing is dealt with perfectly while avoiding future problems related to their installation. Choose the type that would best fit your location.

Standard Windows for Choice

There are very common types of windows you can pick, and each one has pros and cons. I will, however, cover some of the most common ones and showcase some of these merits and demerits.

  • Double and Single Hung Window: this one offers a lot of ventilation and sunlight, and they are very traditional looking windows that can look great in most environments, really good choices for houses that give off a homely feeling.

The problem with these is that they might not be suitable for people with disabilities, kids, or elderly people that are not that strong, since they require a little strength to be dealt with. This can cause back damage or muscle strains for some homeowners.

  • Casement Window: The main appeal of these windows is that they are easy to deal with and can be opened by almost anyone. They are also good-looking and provide even more space for ventilation and sunlight, however, they might not be as aesthetically pleasing as a double and a single-hung window.
  • Awning Window: These are very good for spaces that constantly require sunlight, and they tend to cover little to no space. Although they might not enhance the looks of a room as much as other windows, they are very good options for narrow places like bathrooms and certain kitchens.

    One downside is that they tend to be in higher places, which might not be accessible for most people, thus, blocking sunlight, breeze, and rain when they are opened can be quite a hassle.



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