Give Her Roses that Will Last Forever


Roses have long been a staple in the realm of gifts to give the women you love most for quite a few reasons.

They are depicted in many pieces of art about Aphrodite, goddess of love, and there is even some creative mythos behind their significance in Ancient Greek culture. 

With this long history of roses as a symbol of love, it’s no wonder that they have remained in the public eye as a great gift to get anyone for any reason. Who doesn’t love being gifted a beautiful bouquet of fresh-smelling roses for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or even just because?

The one big problem with roses is that unfortunately, they eventually wilt and die. Not very romantic. But what if they didn’t have to? 

Good news: now they don’t.

Forever Roses

Why not give her a bouquet of roses that will last a lifetime?

As the name suggests, forever roses are unique, hand-crafted roses that last a much longer time than traditional fresh-cut roses. With proper care and attention, these special roses can last well over a full year without losing vibrancy, fullness, or fresh smell.

This makes them the perfect gift for that special woman in your life that deserves a bouquet.

Far From Fake

When you hear of a “forever rose” your first thought may be that it must be fake, right? This rose must be made from plastic, silk, or some other type of synthetic material woven to create something that looks like a rose, right?

But no, you’d be wrong. The forever rose is actually a real, live rose, believe it or not. They are picked from right out of the rose bush, just like any other rose.

The only thing that sets them apart is how long they are able to last. But how can you possibly have a real, natural rose that lasts that long?

How do They Last So Long?

It seems kind of strange that a natural rose can last this long. We know, it does sound kind of wild when you think about it. But it is possible, and it’s happening right now.

They start with only the finest Ecuadorian grown roses that are carefully grown to yield the lushest and beautiful results. From there, they are freshly cut once they are in peak bloom and shipped to their facility. 

They then undergo a proprietary solution that they are treated with as well as beautiful color pigmentation, sealing their health in and preserving their natural beauty. Yes, they are still real roses and they smell like roses! They just have been preserved and treated to ensure their longevity and health.

Other Benefits of Forever Roses

Other than the obvious benefit of them outlasting traditional roses by a longshot, forever roses have other positives to them that outshine both traditional fresh-cut roses and fake, artificial roses.

First, they are only made from the fullest blooms and most high-quality roses out there. These flowers are grown in prime conditions on farms in Ecuador, meaning you can’t get better fresh roses.

The pigmentation and preservation process for these forever roses also creates a uniform shape and size, meaning you can rest assured that all of the roses in the bouquet that you purchase will be cohesive and equally beautiful. 

Lastly, they have the advantage over regular artificial flowers in that they actually smell like real roses (because that is what they are). This soft scent isn’t overpowering or overwhelming, they just add that soothing smell to whatever room you have them in.

Forever Roses for Lasting Enjoyment

When you gift your loved one with forever roses, you can rest assured that they will enjoy their fresh bouquet for much longer than regular roses.Since there are many people who like real flowers one of the best alternatives to forever roses is white roses which can be a really lovely gift.


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