If you are planning a remodel, including texture will add an important element to your kitchen design. Often overlooked over color, texture actually enhances this aspect and elevates the visual outlook of the space, making it feel bigger and brighter than ever before. Check out these five texture design ideas that will each incorporate a different effect to your cookhouse.

Create a homely space

Kitchens, which at one time used to languish at the rear of the house,today occupy the pride of place right besides the living room. It is therefore important to make them welcoming by giving them a homely feel.Impart a cosy look by placing cushioned fabric stools, matching your dining chairs, to give the place a snug feel. Include rugs and throws for a comforting vibe in the kitchen.

KITCHEN for home

Use backsplash for a signature look

An updated kitchen can significantly increase the value of the property, and to get the best return on your investment there is nothing better than natural stone. Its timeless finish  will never fade in popularity even if kitchen trend designs change. Additionally, there are unlimited design and pattern options when it comes to choosing stone backsplash to match the cabinets and floors of your kitchen. Also, since the backsplash is laid vertically, it garners almost instant attention than the other design elements of the kitchen.

Combine different metals

While kitchen design and chrome used to go hand in hand for many years, it is brushed steel which rules the roost these days. Given its matt-look, brushed steel works well with all types of interiors and provides a subtler finish than chrome. That said, combining the two will give a stunning contract to create a complex textured appearance. Another metal which is finding its way into kitchens is copper, as the metallic tone can lend warmth to the kitchen.

Add accent walls

While plain walls may look fine, the ones of stucco, faux brickwork, wood panels or rock can fit into any kitchen planner’s dream. Such a textured wall, even if used just for the accent areas, will be a perfect decorative addition to the kitchen. Other kitchen wall texture ideas can include using textured wallpaper or different painting techniques. Care should be taken not to overdo things and use one wall only as the accent wall, lest you want to risk making your kitchen look cluttered.

Don’t ignore the ceiling

Kitchen ceilings are often neglected as their texture work is tough to pull off. Having said that, with proper designing, you can make your kitchen look absolutely stunning. While textured ceilings were a common thing in the past, they are now back in the limelight as newer materials have emerged. Wooden ceiling planks add rich architectural detail with their color and texture and also hide imperfections,like cracks or seepage and deaden the noise. Moreover, they can be installed directly over any existing ceiling using the right installation methods and a little bit of ingenuity.


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