Cheap Windows VPS Remote Desktop 2021

windows VPS Remote Desktop 2021

Buying an RDP is known for its astonishing service at the cheapest rates. You can easily purchase a cheap Windows VPS remote desktop from the best VPS providers such as Routerhosting. But before any action, let’s start with explaining what a Windows VPS remote desktop is?

What is Windows VPS Remote Desktop?

Windows VPS remote desktop is a program that allows users to remotely connect to a Windows VPS machine and gives them complete control over their virtual machine. Remote desktop access to Windows VPS is made via an Internet connection. Windows VPS remote desktop is useful for a variety of things such as troubleshooting, accessing a workplace computer from home, accessing home computer from other locations, performing the administrative tasks on the remote computer, or even fixing remote computer problems.

Nowadays, Windows VPS remote desktop has become an essential tool for administrators and tech support personnel to access, diagnose, or repair remote applications or hardware problems. But, to purchase a professional and cheap Windows VPS remote desktop, you should consider Windows RDP VPS Hosting Features to help you have the best choice. Routerhosting had made this process easy and provides you a Windows VPS remote desktop with the best features.

Windows RDP VPS Hosting Features

Regarding 12 years of experience in hosting, Routerhosting will offer you a cheap Windows VPS remote desktop that provides you with the following features:

Automated Backups

Using a Windows VPS remote desktop, you have a weekly/monthly backup, most of the time. This backup can be restored anytime with the assistant of a 24/7 available support team gathered in Routerhosting.

No Bandwidth Limits

You know, bandwidth refers to how much digital information we can send or receive through a connection and in a certain amount of time. If your web hosting limits your bandwidth, you will face a problem. Using a Windows VPS remote desktop, this limitation will be reduced. All of Routerhosting’s Windows VPS remote desktop plans come with unmetered bandwidth that will result in no more overage charges for you.

Easy Scaling Anytime

You know, scalability offers both large and small businesses the flexibility to increase and decrease computing resources as required. In other words, scalability will let you add resources such as RAM, bandwidth, storage, and other resources immediately. Without any loss or failure, Routerhosting will downgrade and upgrade all of the Windows VPS remote desktop resources.

Free Basic Management 24/7

Using a managed Windows VPS remote desktop, you can report any issues related to the operating system, hardware, or basic configuration with no additional cost.

Full Administrator Access

As you know, administrator access is defined as a higher level of normal access. With full and unrestricted administrator access over the operating system, you can enjoy the freedom of installing any software that is supported by OS. Using a Windows VPS remote desktop, Routerhosting will provide you with full administrator access in a secure environment. You can also, control your desktop by using the administrative control panel that allows you to access the VPS hosting when needed.

Powerful Hardware

Your Windows VPS remote desktop is hosted on state-of-the-art and powerful hardware which includes enterprise NVME/SSD storage (started from 30GB to 250GB), 2CPU Cores (or 4CPU Cores/6CPU Cores), Memory with 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB capacity, and RAID-10 protection.

Other great features of buy cheap RDP online from Features are listed below:

  • Instant Setup
  • Manage Multiple VPS from One Account
  • View Bandwidth Usage
  • View Disk Usage
  • View Memory Usage
  • View Network Information
  • View Graphs & Statistics
  • Serial Console Access
  • Mount ISO Images
  • VNC Access
  • RDP Access
  • Edit Account details
  • Shutdown / Boot / Reboot
  • Reinstall
  • Change Hostname
  • Change Root Password
  • Change VNC/Console Password
  • Set Reverse DNS (RDNS/PTR)
  • API Access
  • Set Main IP Address
  • Full Root Access

Cheap Windows VPS Remote Desktop Provided by Routerhosting

Using a Windows VPS remote desktop provided by Routerhosting, all resources are completely dedicated. Routerhosting’s VPS machines with dedicated high-quality resources will bring you the best level of security, stability, performance, and reliability you want. You can experience a cheap Windows VPS remote desktop that is completely dedicated to you with the price of shared VPS hosting.

With availability at 15 convenient locations in Europe, Asia, North America, and more, with high-speed connections, with low latency to your desired destination, and with only $7.95 a month, you can instantly receive 2GB RAM on a cheap Windows VPS remote desktop, with FREE WINDOWS, and very fast SSD storage in RAID10 without any contract.

Routerhosting has another offer for using a Windows VPS remote desktop. It surely will surprise you. With 7- day money-back guarantee, Routerhosting fully covers you in the unlikely event that you change your mind. Using one of Routerhosting’s windows VPS plans, you will use a cheap Windows VPS remote desktop that is affordable and professional.


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