What to Wear When Golfing

Wear When Golfing

Whether you frequent a little 9 hole course or prefer prestigious resort greens, you want to look your best while playing. You also want to be comfortable with unrestricted movement for your best golf game. Golf is a demanding sport and your clothes have to measure up. So how do you choose what to wear golfing?

Golf attire has to be protective from sun and rain. You will often be playing on hot, sunny days, chilly days, even rainy days. You need appropriate tops and bottoms, hats, and shoes for each type of weather.

What to wear golfing will vary from person to person, but there have been some changes in fashion on the course in the past few years. You don’t have to wear what the old guys wore. Here are some suggestions for what to wear on the golf course.

  1. Shoes

Spikes are definitely out. Spikeless shoes designed by manufacturers who specialize in sports are highly rated by the pros. Golf courses put miles on your feet. Your shoes have got to be comfortable and fit well. Spikeless shoes have been developed that have the same gripping capability as golf shoes with spikes. The new shoes are lighter because they aren’t carrying all that metal in the soles. And they look good.

The highest rated shoes vary with the reviewer, but without numbering them, these are the shoes most often mentioned.

  • Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 
  • Footjoy Contour Casuals
  • Nike React Infinity Pro
  • Adidas Men’s Adicross V 
  • Puma Men’s Biofusion Spikeless 
  • Nike Air Max 1 
  • Adidas Adipower 4orged S 
  • Callaway Balboa Vent Spikeless
  • Adidas 360 Traxion Spikeless

There are quite a few other shoes that also come highly recommended. Click here for more tips about what to wear when golfing.

  1. Pants

For an 18 hole round of golf, pants need to be, above all, comfortable. They need to be able to stretch with your movements and to be able to breathe. You may not associate technological advances with pants, but today’s golfing apparel incorporates such advances, along with style. Strategic breathability and waistbands with a slight stickiness to hold your shirt in place are two developments.

Here, in no order, are some of the most comfortable and best looking pants on the fairways.

  • Under Armour Showdown – Straight legs and great movement.
  • Greyson Montauk Jogger – Comfortable, flexible in several different earth colors.
  • Peter Millar Durham Performance – No iron polyester material in multiple colors always looks great, on or off the course.
  • Lululemon ABC – Sporty, attractive, with plenty of pockets and colors.
  • Puma Jackpot – 13 colors with a slight stickiness on the waistband to keep your shirt in place, stylish and comfortable.
  • Bonobos Highland Tour – You can customize these pants with their 5 different lengths, 11 waistband sizes, 9 colors, and 4 styles (Tailored, Slim, Athletic, or Straight).


When you decide what to wear on the golf course, shirts will be the focal point of your golf attire. The polo shirt has been king of the hill for eons. Long live His Majesty. The polo continues to be the shirt of choice for the vast majority of golfers, wearing one of its thousands of incarnations.

If you’re looking for style, these brands and shirts may interest you.

  • Linksoul – Simple, casual, Linksoul shirts are designed for the millennial player.
  • Rhoback – Their shirts are comfortable with high quality fabric, mixing polyester and Spandex to create the perfect hot weather shirt.
  • Under Armour Iso-Chill – Pushes heat and sweat into the atmosphere, away from your body. 
  • Antigua Golf – They specialize in the tailored look for big men in sizes up to 3X.
  • Swannies – Their shirts are designed with the younmger players in mind. The polos tend to be trendier, more fun.
  • Johnnie-O Ponto – Stylish, comfortable, these shirts make you stand out.

There are many more brands – Nike, Adidas, Footjoy, Puma – that need to be on this list as well.


The major purpose of the hat is to protect you from the sun. A wide brim is essential, up to 3″. Your hat tends to be your signature, so make it stylish. Material is important. Make sure the hat is at least 40% polyester to wick the sweat away. Spandex for comfort and a small amount of cotton for softness will help. You might color coordinate with your shirt or pants.

The best of the best as far as hats go are in this list.

  • Titleist
  • Callaway
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • TravisMathew

And don’t forget the sun visor as a hat alternative. Unless you’re bald. 

Coordinate your outfit when you decide what to wear golfing. You’ll look sharp and you’ll play better when you know you look good.. 


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