How to Propose a Girl on Chat and Understand if She Likes You

How to Propose a Girl on Chat and Understand if She Likes You

Many boys struggle to propose to the girl of their choice. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place. From here, you will know how to propose to a girl on chat. But this not so simple thing that you will learn and apply. This totally depends on the girl to girl. But from here, you will learn the fundamental trick to propose a girl.

How to propose a girl on chat

Proposing a girl is not a hard thing that you are thinking about. Girls are also human like you, so you should not make the think complicated.

You have to think first that the girl you want to propose has any other attachments or not. If there are other relationships and stuff of her, then you should not propose by chat. She will definitely reject you. After confirming that thing, you may apply these steps to make things happen.

Know the girl well

Propose a girl you have to know the girl well. Lots of guys make the mistake of proposing to a girl. If you met a girl in your college school or office, you should first make some valuable conversion. Girls want to know the person well they will accept as a boyfriend. Right? So before going forward, the first step is to know all about that girl.

Do friendly behavior

Girls want a loyal friend with whom they can share their emotions and thoughts. Now guys make mistakes that they propose to girls before becoming a good friend of here. If you can’t be a friend of her, your chances to accept your proposal are almost zero. So before making any decision related to propose to make sure that she is a good friend of yours.

Remember some special dates

Girls like to feel special. If you can get make her feel special, then you may win the ultimate game. For this, you have to remember some special dates of her. These dates can be her birthday, her parent’s anniversary, her exam dates, her medical checkup date (if any), her menstrual cycle date, etc. everyone will not remember these dates of your girl. So if you remember these dates, then she will think of you at least once.

Give her some surprise

This is related to the previous step. Once you have remembered the special dates, you can surprise me here in many ways. On her birthday you can send some gifts or make a little surprise party for her parents. These small things will create a huge impact on her mind about you. So focus on these small things mainly.

Make handmade gifts for her

Every girl wants gifts, but that should not be the expensive gits. If you are rich, still you should not give her expensive gifts. Girls like handmade gifts. You can also give her expensive gifts, but the mixture of handmade and expensive gifts will be deadly to get a girl’s mind.

Basically, handmade gifts show the efforts the guy has given to make that. This is the most important thing for a girl. Every girl is not the same. But you have to take the chance to make some handmade gifts.

Make her laugh

This is the thing that many guys miss to do with here, girl. Everyone wants to be happy, so if you make your girl laugh, she will be fond of your humor. Girls love to be the person who is humorous instead of sober.

This is one of the main steps to propose to your girl. But this step has a drawback also. If you make fun of her, then it will create a negative impact on your goal. She will start to maintain a distance from you instead of getting closer. So please don’t make fun of her work or anything else. Appreciate her and be relaxed. Don’t overdo this thing.

Give her some value

Only friendship or gifts are not things that help you to make a girlfriend. Once you have chosen the girl you want to propose to, you have to give her value. No one will tell this trick what you are going to know.

Here the value means you have to motivate her to do her work. You have to stand with her when she is in danger. Mainly if you make her believe that you are the one who will be with you forever, then your way will be cleared certainly.

Ask her what she’s thinking

After completing up these previous steps, you have to ask your girl about her opinions of you. You should know what she’s thinking. This will give a clear idea about she will accept you or not. If you see that she’s giving a reply with some positive hints, then you can move towards the final step.

Propose her on your special day

This is the final step that you should not apply without completing previous steps. Here is the stage where you will know how to propose a girl on chat.

It would help if you proposed on your special day because she will never mind spending time with you on chats after being a good friend of yours. So you have to find the opportunity to do the final step. But make sure that all her mood is okay and the surrounding circumstances are okay to do propose.

If you see everything is fine, then you can do it casually and confidently. It would help if you proposed your girl in the middle of the conversion. Don’t make a mistake to propose a girl without any conversation. This will not help you to know the mental state of that girl.

As you are not proposing the girl in front of her, that’s why you should be casual. If you overdo anything, then it will ruin the whole thing. So make sure that the girl is in a good mental state, and everything is okay. First, create a rapport between both of you, then you should apply this.

Make sure that you have added a slight sense of humor to your final proposal. This will save you from the rejection and the friendship with that girl. A little humor with the final proposal will create a huge impact on the girl’s mind. If she does not accept your proposal at that time, you will also get a chance after some time.

Up to here, you have known how to propose a girl on chat directly. But you should also know how to propose a girl on chat without a direct approach. Sounds interesting, right? So let’s start discussing.

How to propose a girl on chat without a direct approach

The direct approach is always better than the indirect one. But if you are so afraid to propose to your girl directly, you can apply an indirect way to propose to her. So let’s start to know how to propose a girl on chat indirectly.

The first eight steps are the same for direct and indirect approach both to propose a girl. The final step will be different for the indirect approach of the proposal than a direct one.

To understand the indirect approach well, we will take some quotes on how to propose a girl on chat.

Conversation no 1 – Positive replies

You – hey Emma! Do you want to go to watch a movie Saturday at 5 pm with me?

Emma – yeah! Why not. It will be nice.

You – Of course. It will be nicer when I propose to you at that time.

Emma – What?  Don’t do that. I want to watch a movie full.

You – Yeah, watch it. It is a romantic movie. So if you propose you like the hero of the movie, you will get the same romantic special feeling like the heroine. Aren’t you? (with humor)

Emma – Stop joking, please (laugh)

You – No, I’m serious (laugh)

Conversation no 1 – Negative replies

You – hey Emma! Do you want to go to watch a movie Saturday at 5 pm with me?

Emma – No, I can’t go because I’ve important classes to attend.

You – it’s okay. But you will miss a surprise if you don’t go with me.

Emma -Really? What’s the surprise?

You – Nothing much. I would propose you during the interval (add humor)

Emma – Stop joking, please (laugh)

You – No, I’m serious (laugh)

Conversation no 2 – Positive replies

You – Hey Emma! Have you watched the girl staring at me yesterday evening?

Emma – Yeah, yeah! She was pretty. It would be nice if you were together (humor)

You – I know, but it will be nicer if you and I become together (Humour)

Emma – Oh, please don’t make fun of me.

You – No, I’m serious. You are better than her minimum, so I will be happy to get you than her, obviously.

Emma – Stop joking, please (laugh)

You – No, I’m serious (laugh)

Conversation no 2 – Negative replies

You – Hey Emma! Have you watched the girl staring at me yesterday evening?

Emma – No! I haven’t watched anyone.

You – Okay! I’m lucky that she is not here instead of you.

Emma – Why?

You – Because she is worse than you. So I can’t make her my girlfriend.

Emma – Okay, so are you want to make me your girlfriend? (Humour) / I will not be your girlfriend too. (Humour)

You – Obviously (Humour) / You will not get any better boyfriend than me. I bet. (Humour).

From these two conversations, you may have understood how to propose a girl on chat indirectly. These are not the only two situations that you will face. This conversation only gives the idea of what to say to propose to a girl. You will get lots of interesting situations also. You have to find the opportunity and seize that. But don’t overdo it, and then the girl will be used to by your flirting. She will think that you are not serious about the relationship. Just make the think causal until or unless you are getting a positive signal from the girl.

What are the things you should not do with a girl you want to propose to?

You have known how to propose a girl on chat. Now you will know what things you should avoid at this moment.

Pretend to be ambitious if you aren’t

Basically, girls do not love that kind of girl who has no future goal or ambition. If you have a wish to marry that girl, then you have to take care of her. Girls notice everything. They will not want to be with someone casual enough with his career.

Love yourself first

Everyone wants to be with such a person who is the source of positivism. If you are a negative or sad person, you are one step backward to get your desired girl. You have to be a minimum happy person during this process. That girl should not feel that she is entering into unhappiness or complexity.

Don’t be over possessive

You like a girl, that is okay, but you should not enter into that girl’s personal space. Everybody has barriers. If you want to break that barrier, then that girl will be far away from you. If she is interested in you, then she will come to talk with you definitely. Don’t ask such questions like

“Emma, I’ve seen you with Josh. What are you doing with him at night?” 

Don’t be too humorous

Too humor can kill the attraction. You can tell jokes to get the attraction of your girl but if you overdo it then you will be friend-zoned by here. So make sure to make limited fun of anything

Final thoughts

From this article, you have got an idea about how to propose a girl on chat. This will help you to understand the phycology of the human mind. Chatting with a girl is nothing but to know a new person. If you can do it well then you can do well in front of that girl also. Make sure that she is comfortable enough before taking any step. If you keep these things in your head, you will get your girl definitely.


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