Caring for Your Parents: What to Do When Your Aging Parents Need Help

Aging Parents Assisted Living

As parents age, you have to make the tough decision of coming over every day or hiring personal care for aging parents.

Let’s face it, everyone is different, so your parent’s needs won’t be the same as someone else’s. Before hiring personal care for your parent, figure out your parent’s needs first.

Read our guide, and we’ll teach you what to do when hiring help for your aging parents.

Know Aging Parents Limits

Write down your parents’ medical needs, their current health, and any notes about their mobility. This information is very important for a personal caregiver to have before they come over to your parents’ house for the first time.

For example, if your mom is in a wheelchair and has limited mobility, tell the personal caregiver. Another important consideration is knowing how much support they actually need from other people.

Include Your Parents in the Conversation

Don’t leave your parents out of the conversation. Ease any anxieties they might have about hiring a home caretaker for them. Involvement will help ease them into the situation. But, don’t try to force the change onto your parents, it won’t help them agree with you in the future.

If they’re still adamant, let them know how personal care has helped other seniors.

Many seniors don’t want at-home care because they think it’ll burden you to organize it for them. Make sure your parents know hiring personal care is worth it, and you’d rather see them get help than watch them struggle.

Hiring an at-home caregiver improves your parents’ socialization skills. A personal care worker will help your parents make their meals. They’ll provide a sense of companionship for your aging parent.

Choosing the right personal care provider for your parents is important. Choose the right one here and fill out their easy form.

Remove Clutter for Aging Parents

One of the most common ways seniors get hurt is by tripping and falling. Declutter your parents’ floor and home before the personal care worker comes. Prevent your parents from hoarding their belongings. Let the personal caregiver know if your parents have hoarding tendencies.

Here are a few ways you can make sure your parents home is clutter-free:

  • Clear walkways and entrances
  • Add a grab bar to your parents’ bathroom
  • Make sure appliances are within reach
  • Cut use of step stools or ladders

It’s a good idea to encourage your parents to keep their house free of clutter, too. That way the garbage and excess stuff doesn’t build up and create a bigger mess over time.

Aging Parents: The Takeaway

Taking care of your aging parents doesn’t always have to be so stressful. Hiring a personal care worker helps ease the pressure of caring for your parents. A personal caretaker helps your parents take care of themselves.

To learn more about taking care of your aging parents check out our website today. Don’t be afraid to contact us as well.


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