What Wedding Trends Will Dominate 2021?

Wedding Trends

Every year, there are new wedding trends that couples adopt to stand out from the crowd. After all, a wedding is a special event, and for those planning weddings in 2021, it’s essential to find the trends that will accommodate individual needs. 

However, it’s important to consider the impact of COVID-19, where many couples have had to postpone their weddings or extend their planning. This impact will likely set new trends such as outdoor venues, bolder color schemes, greener decor, and more relaxed styles.  

More Outdoor and Mixed Venues 

Because of COVID-19, there have been significant shifts in wedding venue trends, including more outdoor and mixed space venues. A substantial 71 percent of couples who planned to marry had to abruptly change plans at the last minute, including outdoor or sequel weddings. 

Due to social distancing requirements, many couples prefer outdoor venues as it’s easier to stick to these requirements while being out in the fresh air. Some outdoor venue examples include open spaces, tents, and gazebos using ambient outdoor lighting. Mixed spaces are where a wedding is half outdoors and half indoors. The ceremony could take place outside, whereas the reception could continue in a decorated tent or gazebo. 

Alongside venue options, various outdoor locations have become trendy in 2021, like open beaches, flowery fields, or even a backyard. 

Bolder Color Schemes

On top of more weddings taking place in outdoor venues and spacious environments, bolder colors are a new trend that will come in handy to help venues stand out.

Expect bold and bright color schemes to come in full swing for weddings taking place in 2021. Expert stylists associate color schemes with freedom and spontaneity, so there’s a high chance that many weddings this year will take the bold and bright route. 

Bold colors can create life in outdoor venues lacking traditional white backgrounds and the bridal ambiance, especially for beach weddings. In contrast, there will be greater use of white at weddings in environments where color is already present, like a tented outdoor wedding.

Greener Decor

With outdoor venues comes nature, which means greener decor to match. The two major trendsetting wedding decor includes lighting and flowers. 

Lighting decor can change the entire room, so it’s essential to choose a lighting style and color wisely. Different lighting can include green tone uplighting, exposed bulbs, string lights, fairy lights, and more ambient lighting for outdoor events. Lightning plays a vital role in ambiance, mood, and photography. 

Flowers are another aspect of a wedding that helps contribute to the vibe of the venue. However, flowers don’t necessarily need to take a traditional approach, as they can take the form of other plants like succulents and ferns. There’s also the option to opt for environmental decors like foliage and vines.

Relaxed Wedding Party Attire Styles 

Wedding attire has always been smart casual. However, because more couples are opting for outdoor weddings, the attire may take a more relaxed direction. 

Various informal but coordinated styles are great options for the new relaxed wedding trends. Some of these styles include backless dresses, long sundresses, and two-piece pantsuits for women to offer a more breathable material. Denim jeans and a nice jacket always go well for men’s attire, and both men and women can expect to wear flat stylish shoes for a more relaxed look. 

Alternative Wedding Dress Styles

Just like relaxed wedding party attire, there are also many alternative wedding dress styles for minimalistic weddings taking place in outdoor venues. These can include shorter dresses, more open dresses, and dresses designed with breathable fabric and cuts. 

However, trending wedding gowns in 2021 include more traditional dress styles for indoor weddings, such as long lace gowns, embroidered dresses, and strapless bedazzled gowns. Colors also dictate what kind of venue the wedding will take place. Many outdoor wedding gowns will have bold or pastel colors present, whereas indoor wedding gowns will mostly offer traditional white. 

Wedding Trends Will Come And Go 

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding, these trends will always come and go in waves. The most important thing is to plan a wedding that suits your needs. Consider different styles, venues, and decor, and spend the day being happy.


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