Decluttering kids rooms this Spring

Decluttering kids rooms this Spring

As the days go by, our rooms get cluttered with a lot of unwanted items. It is all thanks to the shopping and gifts that we accumulate over the months; thus, there are many unwanted items hipped at the corner of the rooms by the end of the year. And if you are to be honest, your kid’s room is no exception to this, from the new clothes you have added through the different season, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts to the new books and stationery you have gotten. For sure all these have accumulated in her room, so find out easy ways you can declutter the kid’s room this Spring.

·        Include your kids in the decluttering process

Try and schedule times for decluttering your kid’s room, try and make it a seasonal task. Just before the beginning of a new season look through your kids’ clothe pile, identify the items that are still usable and sort out what is outdated. If the clothes are small, you could keep for the next kid, clean the clothes and pack them away in storage. If not you can donate the clothes, try and include your kids in the process, let them identify items they also feel it’s time to let go.

·        Create a keep pile

Have a keep pile already assigned, and in this pile only keep toys, clothes and shoes that are still usable, fitting your child and season. Children outgrow items quickly; this is from clothes and shoes that don’t fit anymore to toys they got bored of. And when you do this before a new season starts you won’t have to make repeat purchases and get the necessary items for your child.

Toys might be a touchy subject for your child, if letting go seems to be hard for them try and encourage them to keep only essential items that are in good condition, you could probably create a memory box for them for sentimental items.

·        The toss pile

With all the fuss you should expect with this process, this might be the smallest pile. It is good progress as you have created extra space for new clothes and toys that she will love.

·        The donation pile

If tossing toys seems to be affecting your child, how about encouraging them to donate. Kids are more compassionate than we think, and if they know their favourite toy will go to another child who needs them, it might encourage them to reduce some of the unused items. This is from clothes and toys. Explain the kind gesture they offer another child; this helps in instilling a compassionate attitude on your child.

·        Get an exciting storage area.

Once the three piles have been sorted, it is time to get an appropriate area to store these items. Ensure the storage is safe for your child, and an area they will be excited to store their treasures. Consider using clear plastic options, remember kids are visual, and see where their favourite toys have been kept.


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