10 Tips for Selecting a Helmet

10 Tips for Selecting a Helmet in 2018

Riding a bike is not just a convenient mode of transport but also a thrilling experience. People all over the world are truly passionate about biking. Driving a bike is a thrill but driving a bike without a helmet is quite unsafe. A helmet protects drivers in any unforeseen situation.

There are different types of helmets available in the market and the main criteria for choosing the helmet is solely based on type of safety. The following are some of the tips for selecting a good helmet:

How to Select a Helmet

  1.  Type of Helmet: There are different types of helmets suitable for bikes. Full Face, Open Face, Modular, Dual Sport and Half Shell are different types of helmet. Every bike has a helmet that suits that bike. A helmet for a motorcycle used in a motorsport race is different from a helmet used while riding a Vespa.
  2. Impact Resistance: The main function of a motorcycle helmet is resistance against impact. A standard good helmet has a thick and protective inner liner which is impact absorbing.  At the time of an accident, the helmet needs to be strong enough to protect the head during the impact. A helmet is all about safety and buying a helmet with a good shock absorption system is the right choice.
  3. 3. Helmet Size: Every person’s head size is different. While buying a helmet it is important to buy one according to the size of a head. There are small, medium, large and extra large helmets. A helmet has to fit the head properly without it being oversized or too small.
  4. Try Out Before Buying: A helmet is worn while driving a bike. So it has to be comfortable. Trying on the helmet at the shop before buying is a good idea. If it is a comfortable fit, only then should people buy a helmet.
  5. Helmet Shell Material: Helmet shell is made of different materials like polycarbonate, fiberglass composite, Kevlar, plastic, carbon fiber or EPS, depending on factors like weight, comfort and the type of bike.
  6. Helmet Weight: There are many different weight categories in helmets. If the weight of a helmet is too much, the heavyweight can create a strain on the shoulder. Helmet weight should be evenly distributed on the shoulder. Helmet weight is a key characteristic of a helmet as men and women of different height and weight require helmets of different types.
  7. Standards: Most countries have standards that the government specifies for helmet. Helmet manufacturers have to meet these standards in order to sell helmets to maintain the quality of the helmet. Standards are important or else helmets will be manufactured in sub-standard quality and can lead to disasters. In many countries, helmets are compulsory by law. There is a huge fine and penalty if people are caught riding a bike without a helmet.
  8. Helmet Visor: A key component of helmet is a helmet visor . Most visors have an integrated sunshade which is beneficial. These additional features like sunshade, and wind resistance helps a lot during the riding of a bike. So while buying a helmet, making sure that these features are part of the helmet will be an ideal choice.
  9.  Price Factor: Price is an important aspect of buying a helmet. Never buy a helmet on the cheap. It may not meet all the safety standards and then there is absolutely no use of buying that helmet. Without proper safety standards, wearing the substandard helmet is a waste of money.
  10. Additional Features: There are a host of different features available in different types of helmets. Quick release buckles, tinted reflective field, eject helmet removal system, communication gear, anti-fog shield and some people also like to add features like helmet camera.


Motorbikes are a great way to commute as they are convenient and also look super cool. Scooter, motorcycles and high powered motorbikes all require the rider to wear helmets. A person who owns a motorbike should always have at least two helmets. This way if there is a pillion rider riding along in the passenger seat, that rider also wears a helmet for safety.

Riding a bike without a helmet is a very unsafe thing to do. While buying a helmet, going through safety guidelines and buying the best quality helmet is the right choice. Helmets have protected millions of people in the past while riding bikes and will protect millions in the future. Nowadays helmets are available with varying designs and styles with stickers and colorful art depicted on them. There is a helmet available for every type of rider and every type of bike. Knowing which kind of helmet suits the rider and the bike and keeps the rider safe is important before buying a helmet.


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