5 Simple Ways to Give Your Bed a Makeover

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If you want to jazz up the design of your room, you might want to consider giving your bed a makeover and changing your style. Whether you opt for throw pillows, new bedding or a headboard, your bed is the focal point of the room and it should tell a story about your style, create cohesion with the rest of the room decor and of course, provide the utmost comfort. Styling your bed like a pro shouldn’t be too hard if you follow these rules below.

Throw Pillows

Make your bedroom pop with a dash of colour on your throw pillows. If you don’t want to make a stark contrast between the bedding and the walls, opt for throw pillows that accentuate the shape of the headboard and blend into the bedroom design. If you lean more towards boho, pillows with fringe can be perfectly incorporated into your current bedroom design.


Switch up your bedding and make the entire bedroom more interesting to look at. Not only is bamboo bedding available in different colours, it’s also made of high-quality bamboo that is odour-resistant, anti-bacterial and eco-friendly for a smooth and silky experience. A sateen weave is there to provide that feeling of extra silky smoothness that cools you down and helps you doze off in the blink of an eye. Bamboo bedding makes bedtime your favorite time of the day because of its lightweight design and amazing feature to disperse heat and moisture.


In order to make your bed more inviting and comfortable, the golden rule is to add layers and texture. Casual elegance works for every season and part of the year. Put a cozy knitted blanket at the end of the bed and transform the bed from plain to modern. An oversized blanket hanging loosely from the bed gives off a casual vibe that invites you to chill on the bed, sit in peace while listening to music and just let go of all worries.


Inject more personality into the bedroom with the aid of a headboard. It’s an easy solution to modernize the room or add vintage charm to the bed. If the duvet is the dress of the bed, then it could be said that the headboard is the makeup. It’s something you can’t go without if you want your look to be complete. It gives support to the bed, prevents the walls from damage but adds a personal touch to the entire room. A headboard can be attached to any bed frame, so your only task is to find the design that fits the rest of the decor and complements it.


A prototypical duvet is a white, plain blanket with one function – to provide warmth and comfort during cold nights. It’s what all fans of minimalism appreciate. However, it’s not against the rules to play with patterns, colours and design that you can pair with the colours of your walls or accessories in the room. Once you find a perfect duvet, it will be much easier to snuggle up and fall asleep.

Sometimes sticking to a theme or a colour palette can be a bit boring. Since we spend one third of our lives in our bedroom it should be an inspiring, open space that sparks your creativity, ignites bright ideas when necessary and helps you relax. If you know how to accessorize your bed can become a fashionable centerpiece of the room. How do you style your bed, and what is your main tip? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!


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