DDAtype in Google services

DDAtype in Google services

Many people know the catch phrase “Advertising is the engine of trade”. And, probably, after this phrase, many asked the question: what is the efficiency of this engine? Some advertising advocates are convinced that the efficiency is rather weak.So what to do?

There is only one answer: to analyze and count, count, count the benefits. But is there any apparatus capable of showing this benefit? There certainly is. And this apparatus is called attribution.There are several types of attribution used in the advertising business. We do not set ourselves the task of listing them all here.Those interested in further elaborating on this issue can look at https://www.owox.com/blog/articles/data-driven-attribution/.

Our mission today is to slightly lift the veil over only one type of attribution – DDA (Data-Driven Attribution), as well as over which Google services are best adapted for this type.


  • DDA at the service of analysts
  • Google Analytics 360 Assistant
  • Google Ads Assistant
  • Search Ads 360 Assistant
  • OWOX BI Assistant
  • Completion

DDA at the service of analysts

  • In any trading activity, there comes a time when it becomes necessary not only to analyze the degree of fulfillment of sales tasks, but also to identify those phases of advertising activity that ultimately led to the initial or repeated purchase. In other words, they led to a major conversion. The result of this analysis is the distribution of the phases of advertising activity according to the value series, which eventually led to conversion. In professional language, you start using a certain type of attribution. Without going deep into the details of grouping different types of attributions, we will touch on one of them today – this is the type of DDA.

Google Analytics 360 Assistant

Speaking about assistants in working with DDA, first of all I would like to start with the very popular Google Analytics service. There are two versions of it for work – free Google Analytics and paid Google Analytics 360. Both versions of this service allow you to work with DDA, with the only difference that the Google Analytics 360 version has more additional functions and a lower percentage of errors in the distribution of values. And the purpose of this service is to provide DDA with the opportunity to take into account the contribution of each advertising resource in a number of many to the fulfillment of sales goals. And undoubtedly, a plus in all this activity is the use of exclusively relevant own information of the organization being analyzed for calculations.

Google Ads Assistant

Many specialists and not only specialists are well aware of the Google Ads service, which is, in fact, search advertising. However, perhaps not everyone has come across another useful function of this service – analytical. And such a function is not only available in the Google Ads settings, but also allows you to successfully work with DDA. At the same time, many parameters of advertising activity are analyzed, processing large amounts of information. An undoubted advantage is the ability for analysts to directly intervene in advertising activity in order to correct it in the direction of improvement, or to stop advertising activity in the absence of satisfactory results.

Search Ads 360 Assistant

Another useful tool for working with DDA is the Search Ads 360 service. Developers have already invested in this service a more expanded scope of activity and additional usability. Just one of the features of this resource is the ability to automatically manage changes between different search engines and accounts by synchronizing them.At the same time, significant time savings are achieved and broad prospects are opened up specifically for working with DDA.

OWOX BI Assistant

It would be completely wrong not to mention one very convenient service OWOX BI, which is an indispensable assistant not only for commercial analytics and reporting, but also for working with DDA. No other tool besides OWOX BI is able to predict the impact of advertising activity on physical purchases.By combining raw data and building probabilistic series, OWOX BI is able to show which advertising costs have not been justified.


In conclusion, it is necessary to emphasize once again that, using the DDA type in various Google services, analysts work in tandem with a unique assistant that allows, not in words, but in reality, to achieve target conversion rates in any marketing activity.


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