9 benefits of being in a relationship

being in a relationships

Some people tend to drift away from being in a relationships. For whatever reason it may be, certain individuals hate being in a relationships. Different people will have their different reasons. They either have trust issues, or have been hurt in the past from a bad relationship, or simply are enjoying the single life too damn much and can’t be bothered being in a relationships. But being in a relationship has its benefits. And there are plenty of reasons why you should be in a relationship. In the end, it doesn’t matter if that relationship is with a childhood crush, or a person you met on one of the many hookup apps, what matters is that you are in that relationship, because each being in a relationships has a different lesson or experience behind it. And that is just one reason why you ought to be in a relationship, but there are more. Here are 9 benefits of being in a relationship.

#9- You Learn From Relationships

I’ve already mentioned this so it’s only fitting that I start with it. There is a lot you can learn from relationships. Being in a commitment someone tells you a lot about yourself. It puts you in all kinds of situations that you, otherwise, can’t go through on your own.  It teaches you about trust, compromise, loyalty, sacrifice, and all the other components that come along with considering someone else’s emotions and wellbeing ahead of yours. (comp.utm.my)

#8- You Always Have Someone By Your Side

Even the most single of single people, who are tearing it up in the bachelor or bachelorette world, tends to feel lonely at the end of the day. They tend to want someone to talk to, share their problems with, make memories with, and just have someone by their side when they need it. That is the beauty of relationships –you never are alone. Whenever you go through a problem, or issue, or going through a tough period of time, you know you always have someone by your side, to help you along the way.

#7- You Discover New Things About Yourself

It’s a funny thing, but being in a relationship with someone else, helps you discover things about yourself. The company of someone else makes you realize details and characteristics about you that you would not have realized otherwise. For example, your likes and dislikes, or your pet peeves, or what unconscious act or trait about you other people find annoying. Your partner will highlight all those and if you’re lucky, will be honest with you about them.

#6- You Become More Mature

Being in a relationship requires responsibility and a sense of self-consciousness and awareness, and therefore, it will help in making you more mature as an individual.  You have to be considerate of someone else’s feelings and emotions because ultimately your own behavior and attitude will have an effect on them. And so that’s why, even if you don’t notice it at first, but with time, in a relationship, you will become more mature, and more considerate, towards other people, and towards your own behavior.

#5- You Learn What’s A Good Relationship and What’s A Bad One

Let’s be real here, nobody stays single forever. Eventually, you’re going to find someone and settle down. Maybe you do it for romantic reasons, or maybe you just grow out of the bachelor life and want to settle down. But before you do that, you probably would like to have some relationship experience under your belt, so that you don’t completely botch the relationship you’re in. Believe it or not, relationships have large learning curves. They are not easy as you think. And a lot of the habits and traits you had so well in the single scene, will not translate pleasantly to the relationship scene. That’s why having that experience in a relationship will help you distinguish between good and bad relationships, and it will also allow you to be in a good relationship, and prosper well in it.

#4- Relationships Will Boost Your Confidence

Being in a relationships will boost your confidence because hopefully, you will have a partner that is absolutely head over heels for you. They will show you your worth every day, and appreciate their time with you. But most importantly they will let you know about it at every chance they get because that’s what partners do. That’s the beauty of relationships, and one of the reasons why you should be in one.

#3- You Humble Yourself

Have you ever admitted you were wrong? Apologized when you didn’t want to? Well in relationships that happens a lot. And once they do, you might have to put your ego and pride aside, to reach a resolution, or else risk ending the relationship. Sadly, some people might opt for the latter, because they refuse to put their ego aside. But if you choose to sacrifice for the overall good of the relationship, you would have not only done the right thing but also became a more humbler version of yourself.

#2- You Will Be Happier

Yes, relationships make you happier. And on the rare instances they don’t, then those are toxic relationships, which aren’t really relationships, more like flings that lingered on. But in terms of the positive relationships, they will make you happier, and relieve you from stress.

#1- You Learn To Love  

And finally, the most important reason to be in a relationship is that you learn how to love, which is a pretty hard thing to do if you are not in a relationship. That’s the beauty of being with someone else. You build bonds, share memories, make sacrifices, forgive them for their mistakes, but most importantly also learn how to love, which is probably the best lesson you can get from a relationship.


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