Types of International Student Scholarships With Accommodation Provisions in Australia

Accommodation Provisions

Australia is one of the top destinations for international students across the world. This popularity isn’t surprising, as the country is relatively friendly, with a high standard of living and a quality education system. However, financial constraints may deter some students from moving to the world’s smallest continent for their academic pursuits. Keep reading to find about the types of international student scholarships with accommodation provisions in Australia.

Fortunately, though, there are several scholarship opportunities available to lessen the burden on individuals who want to study in Australia. These financial schemes generally cover tuition fees, accommodation provisions costs, and living expenses. Some of the scholarship opportunities available to international students in Australia include:

  1. Equity scholarships
  2. Faculty and departmental scholarships
  3. Merit-based scholarships
  4. Student Accommodation Provisions scholarships
  5. Government scholarships
  6. Sports scholarships

Briefly, we’ll look at each of these academic stipends:

Equity Scholarships

Equity scholarships in Australia are mostly for students from low-income families or those with disabilities and medical conditions that have made them financially dependent. Generally, these schemes assist these individuals with general costs related to their academics. Students under undergraduate, postgraduate, and postgraduate research programs are eligible for equity scholarships.

Faculty and Departmental Scholarships

Faculty and departmental scholarships in Australia are generally merit-based. They are also for specific study areas, such as language, theatre, dance, drama, architecture and design, information communication technology, engineering, and accounting. Since these scholarships are merit-based, there are several requirements students must meet to qualify, depending on institution and faculty.

Merit-based scholarships

Academic performances, alongside other prerequisites, qualify international students for these types of scholarships. As such, institutions across Australia only award them to students with excellent grades. However, they usually last for a short period and have specific academic standards students must maintain during the timeframe of the scholarship. Merit-based scholarships in Australia also fall into different categories. Some of the popular options include the Dean’s Scholarship, Leadership Scholarship, Chancellor’s Scholarship, and Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Student Accommodation Scholarship

Student accommodation provisions scholarships, or student rent scholarships, help reduce study costs for international students in Australia by catering to their residential needs. They also come with specific prerequisites and qualification criteria. Generally, students who are not eligible for merit-based scholarships can try out for student accommodation scholarship. There are several student accommodation scholarship opportunities across the various academic institutions in Australia. One of the popular options is the UQ accommodation scholarships.

Government Scholarships

Government scholarships are the most popular scholarship options for international students in Australia. The Australian government provides these schemes to help individuals from other countries undergo their academic programs with minimal financial constraints. These scholarships also fall into different categories. They include:

Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship Awards

These scholarships are generally for students under Masters and Doctorate programs. They have a monetary value of up to $270,000, usually throughout four years. The fees covered by the Endeavor Scholarship Awards include tuition travel allowance, accommodation, health insurance, and a monthly stipend. However, only students from specific countries can apply for these opportunities.

Research Training Programme (RTP) Scholarships

The Australian government replaced the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship with the Research Training Program in 2017. The RTP assists local and international students who are undergoing Research Doctorate and Research Master’s degree courses through annual block grants. As of 2018, the Research Training Program had a monetary value of about $40,000.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Under this category, scholarship opportunities are for students in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Region. They are also for specific areas of study under Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate degrees. Generally, tuition fees, healthcare, and living expenses are among the provisions in the Australia Awards Scholarships. Students who wish to apply should carry out due diligence to find out the Universities that offer this scheme.

Sports Scholarships

Sports scholarships generally assist talented international student-athletes with financial support to fund their academic pursuits while pursuing their professional dreams at their preferred colleges. However, interested individuals must meet the specific criteria provided by the institution of their choice to qualify.





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