Why Choose Vaping Over Smoking Cigarettes

over smoking cigarettes

People are repeatedly warned about the health issues caused by incessant smoking. Since quitting is not an easy option you can choose vaping over smoking cigarettes, those who intend on doing away with cigarettes turn to other, seemingly less dangerous, methods. E-cigarettes, also called vapes, have gained a lot of popularity recently and have become widely available everywhere. 

Vaping is believed to be less harmful when compared to cigarettes but is in no way beneficial to your body and health. Sometimes, those who start vaping with the desire to quit smoking will end up using both. Let us examine a few reasons why vaping can be considered better over smoking cigarettes. 

Control the nicotine amount

Unlike in cigarettes with a specific amount of nicotine, vaping liquids come in all forms, according to an online dispensary canada. Users can choose liquids that contain the amount of nicotine most suitable for them. You can choose a liquid that does not have any nicotine or one that is pretty strong. Experiment and figure out which is best for you.

Alongside controlling the nicotine that goes into the vape, you can also control the amount of vapour that comes out of it. According to your desire, you can eject a minimal amount of smoke or a lot if that’s what you prefer.

Less addictive

Since several vaping liquids contain no amount of nicotine, the chances of nicotine addiction are smaller. Don’t be deceived since this does not imply that there is absolutely no risk of addiction when you start vaping. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and even in smaller amounts could keep you hooked.

Less Dangerous to your health

Smoking Cigarettes contain lots of harmful chemicals, besides tobacco, in it. These chemicals often lead to serious medical issues, including various forms of cancer and a general deterioration in the person’s quality of life. These chemicals also increase your risk of other severe conditions such as stroke and brain damage.

In comparison, vaping liquids contain a lesser number of chemicals, therefore reducing the danger they pose to your health. The vapours produced are also cooler and cause less damage to your lungs when compared to the heat from a cigarette.

Cigarette users are also warned about causing second-hand smoke related health issues in those around. This risk is also minimised when you use a vape.

Not as hazardous to the environment

The smoke from cigarettes adds to the environmental pollution that is increasing every day. Also, numerous fires have started with carelessly tossed cigarette ends. The chances of an e-cigarette causing a fire are almost zero and, therefore, not as detrimental to the environment.

Variety of flavours

The number of cigarette flavours available for a user is usually limited to two. E-cigarette liquids come with a massive variety in flavours. These include, and are not limited to, chocolate, blueberry, coconut, pineapple, etc. 

New flavours are being added to the list, and it would be fun to experiment with the flavours and figure out the ones you like. You can even put a few together and create excellent new cocktails that would be immensely enjoyable.

Affordable options

Smoking Cigarettes are taxed heavily, and for smokers, especially chain-smokers, this means losing a tremendous amount of cash from their pockets regularly. Vapes come in a variety of sizes, forms, prices and there are options for everyone. 

The money that goes into buying an e-cigarette for the first time might be a bit high when compared to a pack of cigarettes. But, from then on, the cost is relatively lesser. You will save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to a good vape brand.

Include essential oils

You can add a few drops of essential oil to your vaping liquid for added benefits. Each essential oil comes with certain advantages, including stress relief, anxiety reduction, improving throat irritations and the health of your respiratory system.

No smoke or pungent odour

Only vapours come out of the e-cigarette and not toxic tobacco smoke. A noticeable smell accompanies cigarettes and smokers, which is absent in the case of vapes. There is also no ash produced from the burning of a cigarette when you use a vape.

Easy to get started with

Unlike cigarette smoking, it isn’t difficult or painful to get started with a vape. For beginners, there are also starter kits available that they can make use of. With the help of non-nicotine vaping liquids, even non-smokers can take part in vaping. 

Even if you have no desire to take up an activity such as smoking or vaping, you can better blend at social situations using a vape.

In Conclusion

Both vaping and cigarettes make use of nicotine, a substance that can easily cause addictions. Though vapes are in no way a perfect device for anyone, they are slightly better than cigarettes. Vapes are especially useful when you want to get rid of your nicotine addiction, and you can use them to bring down your nicotine intake gradually. Always consider the risks involved if you decide to start vaping or wish to make a switch.


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