The Best Type of Paint for Stucco

Paint for Stucco

Out of all the different types of materials that you can get today to cover up a home or a commercial building, stucco is still one of the most popular. Even with a wide variety of different siding materials, and all sorts of gorgeous natural woods, stucco still stands out and is a tried and true surface material, especially for residential homes. It’s a very tough and durable material that withstands a lot of what Mother Nature can dish out, and it’s also very affordable and easy to apply. The professionals can swoop in and get the job done in no time at all.

Consider getting trusted local stucco painting experts in and get the job done in no time at all. There are dozens and dozens of different types of stucco paint you can find out there, and most of them have a very specific purpose. For more info, you should speak to professionals near you.

Though having normal stucco isn’t really impressing anyone. It needs to be painted well to really stand out, and that’s where stucco painting comes into play. Are there any paint types that work well with stucco surfaces? Let’s go over some of the best types of paint that you can find that work great with this material.

The 4 Best Types of Products for Stucco Painting

1: Masonry Paint

Masonry paint is the first option on the list because it was literally designed for such an application. That is not to say that it’s the best choice, but it’s certainly one of the top three choices you have available when it comes to painting stucco. This paint was an option that was designed for things like cinder blocks, bricks, concrete, and stucco. The chemistry of the paint bonds very well with these sorts of materials, and it was made to really withstand a lot from the elements outside. For many years, it was perhaps the best option available until other options came along.

2: Elastomeric Paint

Pound for pound, this is probably the best option for stucco painting and one that your local company is likely to recommend to you. This is all about offering supreme protection. It’s also the go-to paint for repainting the stucco, as it does a great job at binding the small cracks and imperfections in the material. Though once applied, it presents as a smooth, continuous surface that looks nice and glossy. It also has the benefit of being very water-resistant, which is a great thing for any sort of exterior paint.

3: Acrylic Paint

One of the biggest selling points for acrylic paint is that it’s absorbed a lot into the existing stucco material. This is called permeability, and what this does is offers a lot of great protection. Rather than the paint being its own standalone layer on top of the material, it’s actually blending in and melding with the material, which is going to increase the longevity of the paint job. The downside here is that the imperfections of the stucco are going to stand out a bit more with this sort of paint. Though, it’s very easy to apply and looks great when dried.

4: Stucco-Specific Paint

Yes, you can definitely find paints that are made specifically for stucco. In the same way that you can find paint options that are made for your ceilings, for walls and trim, for outdoor purposes, etc., you can actually find paint types that were blended together specifically for stucco. Most of these paint varieties will be a blend of a few different paints, perhaps even the ones already discussed here. Elastomeric for its coverage and filling in cracks; acrylic to really stand up against the weather; and masonry for its overall coverage of the material and how it looks when it’s applied.

There are all sorts of different types of paint on the market today, and you can make your stucco look good with any of them, as long as the paint job is done correctly. Though when it comes to painting your stucco, you’re going for something beyond looks. You want paint that’s going to seal up the material and protect it against the elements. The best way to find the right paint for your home is to speak with the professionals who paint stucco for a living. They can certainly assist you here.



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