Playing Online Poker Professionally

Playing Online Poker Professionally

Technology has created a plethora of new digital careers from influencer to professional gambler. While the term playing online poker professionally is not necessarily a new concept, it has been greatly assisted by the digital age. Of the various gambling pathways to follow, playing online poker professionally and ranks the highest.

So, once you’ve decided to turn your online poker passion into a career, there will inevitably be that first game that introduces you into the industry. According to Poker Players Research, more than 40 million people around the world play poker for real money, both online and in casinos. While this may sound like an extravagant amount, it does not detract from the potential of winning money and earning a substantial profit. It only means that from your very first game, you need solid preparation and understanding of the game. In essence,you need a professional mindset to get ahead from the very beginning. And with the advent of blockchain poker, the possibilities are becoming endless on how you can play. 

Choosing the right platform

While the hype of Vegas-based casino tournaments is likely to appeal to many players, getting a seat on one of those lucrative tables is not always easy. However, you can always gain experience by playing on various live online tables that offer low stakes betting options. These are ideal because you are not limited to being in any specific location while being able to experience the international feel of each table. However, finding a casino that caters to your needs can also be overwhelming. 

As such, it is best to simply let the professionals handle this part. Reputable casino comparison sites that showcase online casinos not on Gamstop or even their UKGC counterparts do all the legwork. They seek and research casinos that offer value to players, especially when it comes to game selection. You aren’t limited to only selecting Texas Hold Em tables, but other varieties which can help to sharpen your skills. 

Once you’ve found a Online Cricket Betting ID or two that appeals to your mode of gameplay, it’s important to ensure that you have time. While there are plenty of speed poker games, gaining experience comes from learning the art of patience so that you know when to hold ’em, or fold’em. 

Setting the pace for your career

The most important reason you should go into your first live tournament game with a structured plan is to begin your career with guidance. By having a clear idea of what your goals are, you minimise the chances of veering off track through your career. Playing poker as a profession can take time to perfect, but it is equally about education as well as experience. From your first official game, you can play with confidence, be aware of risks and know when to play and when to fold. Hereby, you will ultimately avoid unnecessary losses, which should always be a priority. The trick to getting into the right mindset is to simply make sure you are confident with the experience you’ve gained playing on the various online tables. 

Applying both theoretical and practical knowledge

The first step of poker, besides the understanding of the game, is to know the legal gambling laws and rules in your area. Once this is out of the way, you can begin your journey of discovery. The steps for your first game’s preparation are easy to apply, as well as essential. Firstly, you should learn as much as you can about your chosen online gambling site and make yourself familiar with their terms and conditions. Secondly, decide what your strengths and weaknesses are, and study on how to use them to your advantage from your very first game. These strengths and weaknesses will only be discovered through extensive practice and the analysis of your own gameplay. 

Beyond this, having an in-depth knowledge of the variety of game types and tournaments will give you any additional advantage you might need. As it is your first game as a professional player, these are mostly things you will already know. But the idea behind it is to have a professional mindset surrounding your new career. This way, no loss or mistake can take away from your confidence. Instead, it is merely experience towards your ultimate career. 


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