Their daily haul is no grind

haul is no grind

The first thing that the homeowner would want to get rid of is the junk or the extra material in their house. Also, they discard tons of unwanted items every time including broken furniture, garbage, clothes, food, paper, and appliances. Find about their haul is no grind.

One of the oldest junk removals is Fred Siegel, who has been working for 11 years. He and his assistants drive around San Diego for San Diego Junk RemovalThey pick up old appliances, discarded couches, dusty detritus that clutters garages, closets, and the worn-out mattresses. It may not sound fascinating, and it is not a perfect career job. However, it was his dream job.

As per Fred, from the time he has started doing this, he has not done any work in his life. As a restaurant manager, he hated this occupation and was not satisfied at all. But now, he stays outside every day and sees different neighborhoods from his Junk Removal Truck cab. He loves being working on his own and admits to chatting with the ears of his customers. To him, every day is a new adventure. 

Junk removal does not come up on the list of interesting and exciting careers. However, many of those who are doing so are enjoying and making a way to make a living. As per Darren Tavitian, who owns and operates the 1-800-GOT JUNK? No one knows what they are going to get. His franchise covers a maximum of the North San Diego, inland, and riverside Orange County. According to him, every job can come up with a surprise. 

As per John Bonavita, who has a Junk King franchise in North San Diego County, he has the job to cover the gamut, from picking up complicated multi-day assignments such as emptying a department store or removing a giant fuel tank to the couch and much more. 

Everyone has their stories full of horrible messes and treasures that they have brought in front. They have come up entirely with bikes, good flat-screen, leather recliners, and laptops. 


Trash and junk removal is a big business across California that is spread over small operators like Siegel’s people, truck, and trailer team. Also, more prominent companies that are private have municipal contracts too. As per the National Waste and Recycling Association estimates, there are more than 131,000 vacancies in the state-linked with trash and junk removal. These businesses are generating $ 23 billion per annum. 

The job is rewarding to that haul is no grind junk every day because it is a good paycheck or the occasional treasures found because of the excellent job they are performing daily. 

First of all, the good thing they are doing is working with the customers to sort out their issues. Many of them are seriously fed-up with their messes and have no idea where to start from. 

Lastly, a significant percentage of the things they load into their trucks can be donated or recycled. The materials are sorted with metal, electronics, wood, and paper to the recycling centers. 


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