The Sources of Entertainment We’re Most Seeking During Lockdown

entertainment during the lockdown

Lockdown has proven to be anything but a struggle for most people, but despite this plenty of people are finding solace in new hobbies, certain areas of entertainment during the lockdown and really clinging on to the things that we believe are normal.

That’s certainly the case when it comes to hobbies and interests. Over the past seven months, we’ve been able to do what we love at various stages, while they’ve been shut down at others. Meanwhile all the time, we’re also developing new areas of interest to keep us sane over the summer and now into the winter months merkur games.

But what are the sources of entertainment during the lockdown we are most taking up while we have this unusual spell of downtime?

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Online Casino

Interestingly, one of the biggest trends that have come out of the pandemic is people finding entertainment in online casinos. It’s perhaps surprising given that mobile playing has increased tenfold, and a major part of mobile gaming is the casino.

Games are simple to play and the likes of roulette, blackjack and slots provide plenty of thrills, while poker gives you the opportunity to really flex your brain muscles in a battle of bluff.

Online Cricket Betting ID have been keen to help players out during this time, providing a number of no deposit free bet offers for new customers. These allow players to get a taste of casinos without having to deposit a penny or spend any of their bankroll. However, it is also worth noting that many no deposit free bet offers will be limited to a certain period. That hasn’t caused many problems though and it’s helped boost the industry, as well as keep people entertained, significantly.


We’ve been stuck to our smartphones pretty relentlessly over the past few months, but when we have put them down many of us have developed new fitness regimes. Running has become hugely popular, while exercise classes such as Yoga with Adriene has seen millions of extra hits on YouTube.

Cycling has also seen a large rise in activity, with bike sales soaring during the early stages of lockdown, with manufacturers struggling to keep up with the demand.

Statistics show that fitness app downloads rose 46% worldwide during the pandemic, ranging from running apps, to classes, to even ways of tracking diets and that’s expected to continue throughout 2021.

It will be interesting to see how the technology continues to drive this forward, as we can certainly see more to come from fitness as people also begin to factor in getting fit into their new year’s resolutions too.

Traditional Games

As well as online casino gaming, families in particular have been stepping back to the more traditional types of games – board games. Sales have been on the rise throughout lockdown as people gather round the tables in their bubbles and occupy themselves with board games, at a time when very few new TV shows are landing and there’s little to do outside.

Games such as Monopoly and Cluedo have seen sales pick up considerably during the last year and they are expecting another Christmas boom. Meanwhile jigsaws are also proving a popular pastime as people look to seek calm during what is a truly stressful time.

There’s something therapeutic about the humble jigsaw, so it’s perhaps no surprise to hear that it is once again a growing industry.

Other more traditional forms of game that are being enjoyed, include the likes of bingo, both online and more DIY forms, as well as things such as paint by numbers which is seeing more people getting crafty and creative during their downtime and started finding the entertainment during the lockdown.



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