Wireless Security Cameras

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Wireless Cameras for Security can be a significant and essential part of your home security system. They monitor and provide 24/7 surveillance for your home and its surroundings. Wired camera systems, though more reliable, do not have many features of a wireless camera system. Wireless security cameras are easier to install and operate than a wired one. They rely on a strong stable internet connection and use cloud storage to relay live footage.

Many homeowners install just one camera, which can lower the overall comprehensiveness and effectiveness of their home security system. Most cameras have limitations on how much they can monitor as they can only rotate to a certain extent. Similar to door and window alarms, wireless cameras would be most effective when placed in multiple locations at your home. 

You don’t even have to place these cameras at every location but rather assess strategic locations where they can capture the most expansive area and install them accordingly. Every home is indeed different, but there are vital spots that are vulnerable and more prone to break-ins. Installing wireless cameras for security in the following locations can ensure more security and coverage – 

  1. Doors 

Doors are the most prominent and preferred points of entrance for burglars or intruders. It is not hard for experienced burglars to force open doors. Installing door alarms and wireless cameras at your home’s front, side, and back doors on the ground level can significantly reduce the chance of break-ins. 

2. Windows

The windows that are not facing a street may offer intruders privacy to break-in into your home. Installing interior cameras that face these windows or exterior cameras above them can ensure protection. Window sensors can also increase the protection quotient.

3. Vulnerable Areas Inside Your Home

Areas that hold valuable items like the master bedroom, home office, or living room can be specific targets for burglars. Place wireless cameras for security in these spaces to monitor and gather any evidence.

4. Stairways

Some houses have basements or balconies with staircases leading to entry points. These entry points can be used by intruders or burglars to gain entry inside your home. Installing a wireless cameras for security along the staircase can help you detect any suspicious activity.

5. Garage Entrance or Driveway

Any intruder or burglar will have to walk across your driveway or even attempt to break-in through your garage door. Placing a wireless camera outside your driveway can help you monitor any trespassing.

Placement And Installation

Correct placement and installation of wireless cameras are crucial to your home security. The cameras should be placed out of reach so they can’t be destroyed or knocked down easily. Exterior cameras should ideally be placed at least 9 feet above the ground while the interior cameras should be placed near the ceiling. 

Placing wireless cameras for security at the right angles is very important. While attaching the cameras above doors or windows, failing to place them at a proper angle can capture useless footage. Place the cameras a foot or two beside a window or door and angled towards the entrance. The presence of your security cameras can also scare away any intruders or prowlers.

Wireless cameras require a strong WiFi signal to function properly. Without a stable internet connection, the camera can disconnect from the home security system, and the video footage may also end up distorted or choppy.

Now that you know the 5 best places to install your wireless cameras, you must be wondering what would be the right camera for your needs. Many trusted top home security companies in the market provide comprehensive security solutions for your home. You can read more about home security systems, different types of security cameras, and other alarm systems that can enhance your home security on Consumera.com.


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