IDM Integration Module Chrome Web Store- a Brief Guide to the Concept

idm integration module chrome web store

Are you looking for the best download manager for windows 10? If yes, your search should end at IDM or IDM integration module Chrome web store. Moreover, IDM is known as the top-rated download manager software that is available for Windows 10. Therefore, most people use IDM, as they get cool features like Video grabber and scheduled downloading options.

The best part about IDM is its browser integration. Therefore, when you add IDM to your computer, most often, the IDM chrome extension is easily added to the browser. However, sometimes, even this method fails. Many people ask about how to solve this failure problem at different websites. In this article, we are sharing a process that will work towards adding an IDM integration extension. Before explaining the step-by-step method, let’s understand the IDM integration extension’s use and why you need it.

Everything you need to know about IDM integration module chrome web store

Most people don’t understand the importance and usage of IDM integration extensions for Chrome. The IDM extension’s primary need is that it is full of features you can expect from a desktop IDM client. Let’s take an example; the IDM Google Chrome extension will help you grab the download links from different web pages and download videos. When you are using the IDM integration extension CRX download, you won’t need to add the download link for the web browser manually. In this article, we will help you to install the IDM extension for Google Chrome.

How to add the IDM integration module Chrome web store?

Just keep on following the step-by-step approach to add an IDM integration module. If any of the steps do not work due to any reason, skip on to the next step.

Step 1

While installing Internet Download Manager, try to install the module extension to Google Chrome. Before you start this process, you need to remove the attachment from the provided list.

  • To remove the IDM extension from the list, open the Chrome browser on your Personal Computer (PC) and click on the three dots given on the right end side. An extension option will open up, and you need to click on the option. Then you will find the IDM module extension as well as try to remove that. Close the tab and move on to the next step.
  • In the next step, you need to Add the IDM integration module extension. To start this process, open your PC and go to Drive C on your computer. Next, you need to open the file (X86). Then open the Internet Download Manager (IDM) file and visit the IDM application on your computer. You will get lots of options on this page. Make sure to click all tabs, don’t leave any box blank.

Step 2

Open the drive where IDM is installed and downloaded. Most often, you will find it on the C drive. So, if you haven’t changed location after downloads, it must be on the C drive. Try to look for the file named IDMGCExt.crx in the C drive. Don’t close this window; keep the window open and open chrome browser. In the Chrome browser, visit the Chrome extension page. Next, all you need to do is copy the IDMGCEExt.crx from the C drive and paste it at the Chrome Extension Page. Once it is complete, you can quickly start downloading the videos you want.

If, in any case, this process does not work, we have come up with another IDM integration extension CRX download process.

Step 3

We will try another approach towards adding an IDM integration module extension to Google Chrome in the next step.

Start the process by downloading and installing the Internet Download Manager into your desktop, laptop, or any other digital device you are using.

  • Install the IDM into your desktop or computer
  • Click on the button “download IDM extension” from the Chrome web store.
  • Click on the “Add extension” button to add an extension to Chrome.
  • Once the installation process gets complete, close the open tab, and check the extension page.
  • Voila! You have added the extension to Chrome. Enjoy the videos and songs you have downloaded.

How to download videos by using the IDM extension

Most people know the process of IDM installation and downloading, but they have no idea how to download different videos by using the IDM extension. This process is not as cumbersome as it may seem. Thus, focus on all these steps to download videos easily by using the IDM extension.

  1. Open Google Chrome and visit the website from which you want to download a particular video.
  2. Play the video that you want to download. When you look at the right side of the video, you will find the video’s quality. Click on the quality in which you are going to download the video.
  3. Select the folder in which you want to download and save the video.
  4. Click on the “Start download” button.
  5. Within a few minutes, the video will get downloaded, and you can enjoy the tape easily.

We have tried to answer all confusions and queries related to the IDM integration module Chrome web store through this article. In addition to solving your questions, we have come up with different ways to download, install, and use IDM through Google Chrome. We have also provided additional information about the IDM integration extension. We hope you will use all this information to download all kinds of videos with maximum ease. Now, it’s your turn to share this article with people who want to get details about the IDM integration extension. If you have found this article useful, give us a thumbs up and let us know if you want to know more about IDM integration extension or anything related to IDM extension.


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