How to Repair a Hard Drive?

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The hard drive of a computer is the most important element of it, since without this part, we could not install an operating system, programs, or save our documents, that is, the computer would be of little use to us. Although a hard disk does not usually give problems, and can stay in operation for a few years, eventually, being an electromechanical device, it will fail, and will carry all its contents with it.

When a hard drive finally fails, the first thing we have to determine is whether the malfunction is caused by mechanical, electronic or problems with its sectors. This is very important to know, since precisely establishing the origin can give us a little time to recover the data on the disk. At this point, it is necessary to emphasize that a hard disk, when it begins to present problems, sooner or later will fail catastrophically.

In this post on how to repair a hard drive we will find a lot of information on this topic and also for tips on the best tools to recover a damaged hard drive click here.

Is it Possible to Repair a Hard Drive?

The answer to this question depends exclusively on the type of damage that the hard disk has, since there are two different types of problems, clearly differentiated. If the problem is of mechanical origin, that is to say with the chainrings, the motors or the control electronics, attempting a repair by our means will be impossible, and the only thing we can do is take the disk to a specialized data recovery service. , who have the necessary tools to carry out this task and keep our information safe. Once the data is recovered, we will have to buy a new hard drive to transfer it to the replacement unit.

In most cases, recovery of data from the hard drive will be possible, even if the drive does not even turn on. Except in cases where dishes have been ruined, the substrate where the information is stored, the data will be lost.

At this point, it is extremely important to clarify that we should neither freeze nor hit the hard drive, as is often suggested, since we can decrease the chances of recovering the data stored on the drive.

Now, if the problem arises from bad sectors, the other most widespread type of problem in the technology of mechanical hard drives, and that can cause data loss and in this way even make the operating system not boot, there are several ways to repair a damaged hard drive with these problems, even with the tools provided by Windows and other operating systems.

Tools to Repair A Hard Drive

If we find ourselves in need to repair a hard drive due to problems with its sectors, the best we can do is use only well-known and trusted hard drive repair applications. In this sense, there are many tools of this type on the market, however, before downloading any software, we strongly recommend trying the tool to repair hard drives provided with Windows, called CHKDSK, an application that can be found in all versions of Windows. The only problem with this application to repair hard drives is that it must be used from the command line, something that many users are not comfortable with.

If this is our case, there are other easier-to-use applications that include an interface with everything you need to repair a hard drive within reach of the mouse. Among them, EaseUS Partition Master stands out, which includes, in addition to the possibility of repairing the bad sectors of a disk, managing its partitions, transferring data between disks, partition recovery, disk or partition conversion between different formats such as FAT and NTFS and cleaning and optimization manager, among many other features.

Another very interesting and complete tool to repair damaged hard drives is TestDisk, which although it suggests on its behalf that it only serves to check the health of a hard drive, also with TestDisk we can repair errors in the sectors of a hard drive, repair the table of partitions, recover deleted partitions and rebuild the boot sector ebtre other tasks easily and without problems.

ABest Tool to Repair a Hard Drive

The tools to repair a damaged hard drive that we mentioned above, while excellent and offer a lot of possibilities for a successful operation, may fail in certain scenarios.

That is why in these cases we are going to need a powerful hard drive repair tool that guarantees us a complete level of repair. Of course, an application like this exists, but it has a price, which is to use the command line, in a way a nuisance, but if we are desperate and do not have the budget to go to a professional, this option is more than worth it.

In this sense, the best tool to repair hard drives is Hiren’s Boot, which offers a calibrated balance between difficulty of use and features. Basically, the application is a very complete set of tools with which to carry out the repair of a hard disk will be much more accurate, although a little more difficult.

Before using Hiren’s Boot, we must bear in mind that it is a tool that must be mounted on a pendrive in Live USB mode, and then be connected to a USB port on the PC with the hard disk damaged without starting the system. operating, procedure that may vary according to the make and model of our computer.

Once we have booted the PC with Hiren’s Boot, we will be able to repair our damaged hard drive using the tools they contain, which we can learn to use by searching the many tutorials found on the Internet.

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