Ways To Decorate Your Gym With Team Spirit

team spirit

Your home gym and field. The place where your athletes fight to gather victories and learn from their defeats. The place where the closest people in their lives can come to cheer them on and give them the support they deserve: true team spirit!

Your home gym or field is a special place for both the athletes and your fans. Whether your fans are alumni, parents, or enthusiastic hometown heroes, you want them to feel as if they’re entering a certain kind of atmosphere every time they walk in the gym. You want your space to be the embodiment of team spirit. With just a glance, you want your opponents to know who they’re going up against.

Below are some of the top ways that you can decorate your competitive spaces to ensure that everyone will know exactly who they should be cheering for.

A Record Board For Your School

School record boards are the perfect way to show off your team’s colors, but they also provide so much more than that. A record board can encapsulate your school’s tradition of producing talented athletes in numerous sports. Instead of simply having one record board for your school, you might want to consider getting multiple record boards to place around the gym- one for each sport.

If you divide your record boards by sport, not only will you be showcasing your school’s tradition and decorating the gym, you’ll also be clearly showing each of your current athletes what they can specifically strive for to make it onto one of the boards. They can be motivated to get their name on to the same board that someone in their family may be on or someone else they look up to.

Slide-in record boards are also extremely simple to update, so your school can stay up to date and add in new athletes’ names for the boards each year.

Ceiling Banners That Display Championships and Team Spirit

Another great way to showcase your past athletes’ successes is through the use of ceiling banners. These are fantastic to show if one of your teams won a conference championship, managed to make it to a certain level in a postseason tournament, or even managed to win a championship!

Banners can also put multiple teams’ accomplishments together in one place, so spectators in the stands can quickly see how many of your teams have gone far in their postseason runs.

Another advantage of ceiling banners is the excellent opportunity that they provide for you to have a “banner unveiling.” This provides a chance for the local community to get involved in celebrating the success of a team’s past season. One of the best ways to do this is through having the coach say a couple of positive words about the team and the school while the whole team is present. This also allows for a photo opportunity and a local news story to help spread the word about your team’s successes.

Center Court Decal

One of the main staples of most gyms is the logo or mascot that lives at the center of the court. When most athletes think of their home gym, this is one of the first things they envision. Your center court decal advertises to everyone whose gym they’re in. Your mascot being at the center of the court can symbolize how the whole school comes together to support the teams that play there. Your fans can always see the decal and feel a sense of the team spirit that spreads through the bleachers.

Local Community Sponsorships for Team Spirit

Lastly, one of the most important thing to have decorating your gym is banners from local businesses. These businesses act as community sponsors and show their support for your individual programs. Usually their banners will have a school slogan or they’ll be rooting for your sport’s teams. These can be great both for the sponsors and for your school: they’re great for your school because they’re yet another way for community pride to be showcased in your gym and they’re great for the local businesses because they’re being shown as being a fantastic supporter of a worthy program while advertising their business.

If you’re looking to up the amount of team spirit in your gym or on the field, consider these options to make your school truly feel like home.


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