How Safe House Wellness Retreat Can Help Addicts Recover Quickly?

Safe House Wellness Retreat Can Help Addicts Recover

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Looking for a rehab centre for addiction disorders? With a full continuum of effective and safe treatments and world-class amenities, Safe House Wellness Retreat is your best bet.

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Over 16 Crore Indians are addicted to alcohol, 1.18 Crore to sedatives, and 8.5 lakh to injectable drugs. These numbers reveal the sad reality that substance abuse is a ‘silent’ epidemic in India. One that has clenched many by merely targeting their curiosity to experiment, providing a way to kill boredom, or by helping avoid the harsh realities of life. Drugs might seem an easy and palatable solution to escape such problems, but eventually becomes an even bigger problem itself.

The repercussions of substance abuse are severe and pervasive. It causes long-term physical and mental damage by impairing the user’s ability to work, make rational choices and actively contribute to family and community. Even when the drug intake is reduced or stopped, the user has to deal with excruciating withdrawal symptoms. Worst still, overdose can lead to fatality.

Thankfully, advancements in psychology have made substance abuse a treatable medical condition. A quick, safer, and holistic recovery is possible, provided one chooses their rehabilitation environment wisely. A Rehabilitation (or simply rehab) centre offers a safe atmosphere for intensive, evidence-based and supervised treatment to assist patients in their battle against addiction and enable them to live a sober, productive and healthy life. (

Luckily, your search for the best rehab concludes with Safe House Wellness Retreat! Safe House is a licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre based in Delhi for men and women, aged 15 and above. We offer a range of rehabilitation services to help patients in their fight to achieve sobriety and reclaim their life.

What we offer:

Let go of the traditional misconception that rehab centres are dreary and messy places meant to torture patients. Safe House Wellness Retreat offers a full range of amenities to take care of you or your loved ones during their journey towards sobriety. Chess, pool table, library, basketball court, gardens, and theatre, you name it. De-addiction can be challenging. But a high-speed premise-wide Wi-Fi will allow you to stay in touch with your supportive family and friends during your highs and lows throughout your treatment. Feel like luxuriating in nature or basking around the swimming pool? Breathe easy because we’ve got you covered!

A fine accommodation is integral to a quicker and healthier recovery. Safe House Wellness Retreat realizes this just too well, offering spacious, and well-appointed rooms. Your room is your retreat where you can relax, work, and celebrate moments of solace amidst sheer luxury. Plus, your room is a vantage point for some striking views outdoor. Need coffee or tea at odd hours? Just help yourself to a coffee maker placed next to your bed. A television, hairdryer, bathroom essentials, including towels, soap, shampoo, and more, available throughout your stay.

Our approach:

Drug dependency treatments are all about the approaches involved. The rehab centre blends effective, evidence-based approaches for speedy, safe recovery and relapse prevention. A typical Safe House Wellness Retreat program is based on Twelve Steps principles, involving:

  • Personalized one-on-one sessions with a licensed psychologist
  • A Supervised, medical Detox to flush out all toxins from the body
  • A thorough medical and psychiatric assessment
  • Complete clinical assessment, diagnosis, and planning
  • Aftercare and Relapse prevention planning
  • Family, Couples and Group Therapy
  • Meditation, Yoga and Art Therapy
  • Nutrition planning and counselling
  • Special group meeting for enhanced interaction and positivity

Endeavour towards Personalized and holistic treatment:

Addiction comes in a variety of forms, as do treatments at Safe House Wellness Retreat. We expertise in dealing with all sorts of addiction – alcohol, opioids, sedatives, and inhalants. We take a personalized, holistic approach to recovery. Each patient is treated with respect and dignity and offered tailored treatments in line with their requirements. The focus is to work with a patient’s mind, body and spirit to transform behaviours and attitudes. We aim to help patients curb cravings, stay motivated for lifelong abstinence, and lead a worthy and productive life for themselves, their families, and communities.

Our Staff:

Undoubtedly, the biggest strength of Safe House lies in its expert and professional staff. The facility is home to highly qualified and seasoned case managers, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, counselors, and support staffs who put their best foot forward to ensure the highest standards in service delivery. From encouraging patients to embrace change to tailoring personalized therapies, the faculty does it all with professionalism and compassion.

Worried that co-occurring mental disorders might interfere with your recovery? The faculty keeps you covered here as well by monitoring these symptoms alongside drug dependency and using their proficiency to intervene swiftly and effectively.


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