Different Types of Wines

Different Types of Wines

They are different types of wines such as Trivento Reserve Malbec wine in the market you can buy and enjoy exceptional taste of the fermented grapes. These wines’ characteristics differ due to various factors such as alcohol content, tannins used, or grapes used.  Also, the process of processing of the wines differ; for instance, in the formation of the red wines, there is the fermentation of grape skins while in white wine, that process is omitted. 

The main types of wines include:

White wine

White wine is made from fresh grapes, which are white, yellow, or green. The most common grapes used in the manufacturing process are Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, and Chardonnay species. The manufacturer harvests the grapes, presses the juice from the grapes, and ferments the juice using yeast.  However, the grapes’ red pigments and peels are separated, and the winemaker uses only the grape juice. For the wine to have an exceptional taste, it needs to mature for a while.

Red wine

Red wine is made from the dark-colored grape species. The manufacturing and processing steps resemble that of the white wine, but in this case, there will be the addition of the grape skin and seeds in the fermentation process. The final product’s color is intense violet, brown, or brick red, depending on the age of maturation. 

Red wine is fermented in extremely high temperatures to allow for the extraction of the exceptional color, aroma, tannin, and flavors at the required concentration.  

Rose wine

Rose wine acquires some of its colors from the grape skin, but the concentration is not enough to resemble the red wine. It is one of the oldest types of wine available in the market, and its pink color can range depending on the type of grapes species used in the fermentation process.

The rose wine has a short fermentation period, which ranges from 12-36 hours. Other manufacturers blend the white and red wine to make the rose wine. The flavor of the wine is either sweet or dry, depending on the grape varieties.

Sweet or dessert wine

The dessert wine is any sweet wine that is served with desserts. In the US, a dessert wine is typically any wine that has an alcohol content of above 14%.

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wines have high levels of carbon dioxide, and they produce bubbles. The wines undergo two fermentation stages, which make them gain sensational tastes.  They have a range of colors dependent on the species of grapes used in the making of wine. The main colors are gold, white, or pink.

The wines have different tastes and unique flavors due to the type of fermentation method used. Most wines are sweet compared to the other types of wines, which tend to be dry. In the manufacturing process, the grapes are preserved for a while for perfect acidity retention, which is added to sugars, making them sweet.

The wines tend to pop, and most people prefer them in celebrations or parties. To obtain the best flavors, you should consume the wine at low temperatures. Drinking at high temperatures deprives the wine of its unique and exceptional taste.

Bottom Line

The above types of wines are common in most countries, and you can select the best for you. The wines are classified depending on the grapes’ extraction process and the level of alcohol in them. Others, such as desserts wines, are classified according to the meal they are taken with. You can enjoy the different varieties of wines and benefit from the grapes and tannins added in your favorite drink. However, you should drink at a regulated rate to avoid addiction and various health risks.


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