5 Signs your Oven Needs Cleaning

Oven Needs Cleaning

Every household uses an oven frequently. As ovens are one of the most widely used kitchen appliances, it’s important to keep them nice and clean. Regularly cleaning your oven will ensure optimal functionality and longevity, helping you to save money on unnecessary repairs. 

Cleaning the oven can be tedious and nasty, but a spotless oven is essential for a clean and hygienic kitchen. One way to make cleaning your oven a less troublesome task is to get someone else to do it for you, a professional cleaner! (http://rxreviewz.com/)   You can easily find 5 star reviewed oven-cleaners at Helpling.  However, if you prefer to do it yourself, here are 5 signs you should look for that indicate that it might be time for you to clean your oven.


If you see dark smoke coming out of your oven, that’s not a good sign. Spillages often happen while cooking and can happen inside of your oven too. This builds up a layer of invisible grease. Each time you cook in the oven, the built-up grease and food will start to cook.

 Such repeated heating will cause the grease to burn and emit black smoke. So, if you see the emission of black smoke from the oven, it’s time to clean it.

Loss of Heat

Is your oven taking a lot of time to heat, or is not functioning properly, resulting in half-cooked food? Although there’s a chance that your oven has a fundamental issue, it’s also possible that grease and grime build-up has penetrated your oven’s functioning parts.

 As the oven isn’t cooking food properly, it can cause serious health issues such as food poisoning. Before sending the oven out for repair, take a look inside and see if it’s dirty. Try cleaning the oven properly and remove all the dirt and grease.

 This can cause your oven to function properly once more and you can prepare delicious food.

Accumulation of Grime

When you cook food in the oven, you’ll notice food bubbling out of the pan. This causes accumulation of grime – mounds of detritus at the bottom of the oven or on oven racks. If you ignore this, it can even start spreading on the oven door.

 Eventually, you’ll not be able to see the food inside the oven. Make a habit of cleaning the oven whenever a few spillages take place. You don’t want spillages to pile-up.

Unpleasant Smell in the Kitchen

Repeated heating of the accumulated grime will burn it. Burning of the grime will release an odour every time you use the oven. The unpleasant smell indicates that bacteria is building up inside the oven, especially if the oven is left unused for a long time.

 So, if you notice an unpleasant odour in the kitchen, it can be from your oven, indicating that it needs a cleaning.

Bland Food

If you’re cooking in the oven that has built up grime, carbon particles or fumes will get absorbed in the food and affect the flavors of the food. Your dish will taste bland and unsavory. Moreover, the consumption of carbon particles can negatively impact your health.


It is recommended that you clean your oven once every three months. Also, clean food spills whenever they occur. A clean oven is a safe oven and improves the taste of your food.  And remember, if you would prefer to hire a cleaner to clean your oven you can easily find 5 star reviewed cleaners who will clean your oven at Helpling.








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