5 of the Best Ladder Safety Tips for DIY Projects

Ladder Safety Tips

With more people spending time at home, DIY projects have become a hit. From painting walls to re-roofing houses, families all across the world are taking time to punch up their living spaces this summer and likely through the end of the year.

That rise in DIY projects isn’t all fun and games though. Unfortunately, many people have found themselves getting injured as a result of their projects.

Therein lies the purpose of this post.

A rolling ladders are among the most dangerous tools you can work with when you’re doing projects at home. By leveraging ladder safety tips, you give yourself a much better chance of coming away from your project safely.

In this post, we share what we feel are the 5 best ladder safety tips to keep in mind anytime you come off the ground.

1. Use the Right Ladder

Not all ladders are created equal. Each ladder type is used for a specific set of jobs and has structural components that support those ends.

For example, an extension ladder is made to be leaned against walls and to scale heights. A standard step ladder stands on its own and is best used for reaching areas about as high as your home ceiling.

Overextending your ladder’s intended use could lead to its failure.

2. Set up on a Flat Surface

The more level your ladder is, the less likely it will be to get out from under you. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure your ladder is level before you get on it.

Not only do you want your ladder to be level but also try your best to ensure that the surface your ladder is on doesn’t have give to it. A muddy area, for example, could tilt your ladder once you put weight on it.

3. Maintain Three Points of Contact

One of the best ladder safety tips we can give you is to always touch your ladder in three places when you’re on it. The most common three points of contact would include your two feet and your off-hand.

Knees are another acceptable point of contact as is your primary hand.

4. Have a Spotter

While not always possible, having somebody around to hold your ladder and ensure your safety is always a welcome addition.

Not only will spotters keep your ladder from slipping but they can call for help if an accident takes place. In some cases, that assist can mean the difference between life and death.

5. Appreciate The Danger

The last tip we’ll give you is an overarching one. Simply put, any time you’re on a ladder, appreciate the fact you’re in danger and act accordingly.

Get educated. Read this article from loftladders.ltd to understand unique types of ladders. Don’t get up on a ladder if you’re not comfortable.

Remember, a spoonful of prevention is worth a truckload of treatment.

Take Our Ladder Safety Tips to Heart

Indeed, most people who get up on a ladder won’t get seriously injured. Just because the odds are in your favor though doesn’t mean they’ll go your way.

By taking our ladder safety tips to heart, you substantially increase your chances of completing your DIY project safely. That’s a benefit worth pursuing!

Should you need additional DIY or general lifestyle guidance, browse more of the content on our blog.


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