Flowers: What Are The Best Choices For Your Partner?

Best Choices For Your Partner

Flowers are but one of nature’s amazing creations and we’ve been giving and receiving floral arrangement for centuries, if not millennia. Flowers are traditional at weddings and funerals, and they are also used to symbolise romantic love, especially the rose. Of course, there are many species of flower and in this article, we shall offer a few excellent choices for the special woman in your life.

The Romantic Rose

This has to be at the top of the list, and whether a single red rose on Valentine’s Day or a huge bunch of red roses, this is the flower of love and every woman knows this. Roses do come in many rich colours; white, yellow and red are the main shades, and with more than 300 rose species, there are lots to choose from, although there are several that are preferred for gift bouquets. Roses make for the perfect main flower in a multi-coloured bouquet and can be mixed with tulips, carnations and lilies, and with some outside greenery, you have the perfect bouquet for romance.


Tulips come in luscious colours, and with a low-pollen count, they are ideal for a hay-fever sufferer. The rich colours include shades of red, pink, white and yellow and with some other flowers mixed in for great colour contrast, a bouquet of tulips has always had romantic overtones. Tulips can be mixed with sunflowers and some carnations, which makes a nice combination, especially if she is a summery girl.

The Lily

The Lily

This is an exotic herbaceous flower that grows from bulbs with the large, fragrant flowers coming in all shades from white, yellow, orange pink, red and purple. A bouquet of lilies and roses makes for a perfect gift for your partner, mixing shades of white and pink, with perhaps some gypsophila to add some green. Let’s say that you need to send flowers in Brazil, search for online floral delivery and you can select a nice bouquet with lilies as the major species, mixing other colours as you wish.


Wonderful explosion of pinks and white, carnations are a close second to roses as the number one romantic flower, and a bouquet of carnations mixed with pink roses is every woman’s dream. Carnations also sit well with lilies, with a few orchids for good measure. 

Customised Bouquets

Most flower shops will make up a floral bouquet according to the customer’s specifications, creating a unique bouquet that will mean so much to the recipient, and with skilled flower arrangers, you can rest assured that the bouquet will reach your partner in perfect condition.

Customised Bouquets

Ordering flowers has never been easier with online solutions and with worldwide delivery and a large selection of flowers, you can make sure that wherever she is, your bouquet gift will be delivered on time. The online florist would have many fine examples of bouquets. Plus, they are happy to work with your ideas to create something unique, and with super-fast delivery, your gift will soon be on its way.



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