5 Quick & Easy Lobster Recipes

5 Quick & Easy Lobster Recipes

Nothing says luxury like lobster. If we can say anything good about the COVID-19 is that there is a glut of it for us to enjoy at a reasonable price.


Although you may think it means an elaborate preparation, lobster embodies the fact that less is more. The texture and taste of the meat make it possible. While some may cringe at the close-to-to-the-bone appearance, lobster works.

Let’s delve into what possibilities are in store from the simplest to something noteworthy without the work, even if it says something more. You can enjoy gourmet without traveling.


We like to use lobster tails. Whole lobster necessitates dispatching the animal and cleaning it. Besides, most of the meat is in the tail instead of the body. It would be best if you thawed them, whether in the fridge or a bowl of cool water. Either way works well. If you’re going to grill them, insert a skewer through the length of the tail. That will keep them straight and ensure more even cooking.

We also like the prettier presentation. Practically, it’s easier to handle them on the grill for turning and basting.

Pro Tip: Save the shells. They work well like chicken or beef bones to make a stock base for something yummy later down the road. Be sure to use them within two months for the best flavor.

1. Steamed Lobster

Steaming lobster is the best way to preserve the delightful flavor of lobster and do it in the fastest and easiest method. It’s an excellent prep if you need to cook several pieces and still want to interact with your guests. That’s the key. It’s not like you have to do a lot of work before or after cooking. You can dress the tails up with different compound kinds of butter or dipping sauces. 

We like this cooking method if we have to make a lot of lobster in a short time. The results are tasty even if you’re doing a lot of cooking. The lobster takes center stage.

2. Broiled Lobster with Shallot Butter

Broiling is an excellent way to cook any seafood. It’s quick. It gives consistent results. It also gives you the latitude with the finish. We love lobster with shallot butter. Mince it fine and add some chopped lemon zest, a splash of juice, and parsley for color. Heaven on earth!

3. Grilled Lobster with Maitre’d Butter

Grilled lobster with Maitre’d Butter kicks it up a notch—as if you need it! This recipe brings in some more flavors with Dijon mustard and cayenne to make it interesting. You can baste the lobster with it or use it as a finishing sauce—or both! Either method works. Besides, it’ll give you another “excuse” to have lobster at home. Duh!

Feel free to experiment with the herbs and spices to match the dish. Fresh or dried are on the table. Butter is a fantastic medium to bring them home. We recommend stepping up on the Butter. Go for the imported product with a higher fat content to take this dish to the gourmet level. Buy unsalted to give you, as the home chef, control over its content.

4. Butter-Poached Lobster

Thomas Keller made this recipe a thing. We think it’s a no-brainer. The method only makes it better. The great thing about it is its versatility. If you have to settle for shrimp or crab, it works. If you want to vary it with vanilla or other spices, it does equally as great. The ideal way to prepare it is sous vide. You put butter in a cooking pouch with the Butter and let it do its thing

Does it get much easier than that?

We think that it’s a time-saver, too. After all, what are you dipping your lobster into but Butter? Let’s cut to the chase!

Okay. This recipe isn’t a “dietary” recipe. It’s full-blown fat in all its glory. We’d put this recipe into the appetizer category because of the uber-high calorie count. That’s not a knock. It’s definitely in the date-night category.

5. Sous Vide Lobster

This recipe puts it into the gourmet category because of the cooking method. It is astoundingly easy, nevertheless. It is also versatile. You can prep it in endless variations with the added bonus of more intense flavors. They infuse into the meat. 

We’d suggest building on the last recipe with some added aromatics or herbs. Vanilla butter, anyone? Try other flavorful choices like thyme or parsley. Toss in some chopped garlic or shallots, too. The great thing about this method is that it creates its own sauce. The lobster juices combined with the Butter or other fat is an excellent starting point for a wicked sauce.

Final Thoughts About Lobster Recipes

Cooking lobster is easy, which belies the fact that the presentation speaks to a lot to its prep. It cooks quickly, too, with shorter marinating times if necessary. We like the fact that you can prepare a gourmet meal quickly, which makes it seem even a better result.


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