4 Signs You Need to Get a Tree Removed

Tree Removed

Trees, just like all other living organisms, eventually start dying. It’s critical to have dying trees removed from your property because it can be unsafe for your family. A tree that’s unhealthy can potentially be brought down during a heavy storm. It not only has the potential of causing costly damage if it falls on your home, but it can also put your family’s lives at risk. Here are some common signs you can keep in mind to determine if it’s time to have a Tree removal.

  1. Mushrooms near the base of the tree

When mushrooms and other fungus-like organisms start growing on your trees, they infect the roots and the trunk. These infections can cause enough damage to the tree to make it unstable. If the fungus is progressive, there’s not much that can be done to save any infected plants. Most of the fungus-like organisms that attack trees can’t be removed with a fungicide. You can have some trees that have yet to be damaged by fungus transplanted if you desire. In general, most of the trees near the infected tree will have to be removed to avoid any further spread of infection.

  1. Fewer leaves

We all know that every fall, a tree will shed leaves and be leafless until it starts growing them again in the spring. Sometimes though, you might notice that the regrowth of leaves on a tree isn’t the same as years past. That’s a sign that it might be beginning to decline in health. Observe if a certain area of one of your trees has few or no leaves. A tree that doesn’t have overall leaf coverage generally means it’s dying.

  1. Dead branches

It’s common when a fungus is found to be growing at the base of a tree that there are also dead branches on the ground nearby. Sick or dying trees will shed branches whenever they’ve been infected. They do this to have less fungus to feed. It’s likely that more branches will fall as the condition of the tree continues to deteriorate. Be mindful that falling branches can be just as dangerous to your property and your loved ones.

  1. Bark falling off

The bark of a tree is another indicator of how healthy it is. If you see bark falling off your tree’s trunk and leaving deep cracks, that may mean the tree needs to be removed. These deep cracks are generally referred to as cankers. The cankers are where the tree is likely to break or split. You can further evaluate your tree’s bark by performing a scratch test. Peel a small portion of the bark from a tree’s trunk. If the bark underneath is dry or brown, that’s a sign of decay.

It’s important for the safety of your property and loved ones to know when you should have a tree trimming in Gainesville, VA. All of these signs will help you better understand if it’s time to consider removing one. You can also communicate with Tree Removal Services to get a professional opinion if it’s time for one of your trees to be removed.


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