6 Rustic Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Magical!

rustic wedding ideas

There’s something charming about having a simple, rustic wedding. It allows guests to feel relaxed and comfortable while enjoying the big event.

While you can get plenty of inspiration from Pinterest, the best way to make your day magical is to think outside of the box.

Keep reading to find six inspiring rustic wedding ideas so that you can create an event that is as unique as your love.

1. Incorporating Rustic Elements

Before you dive into planning, think about what rustic elements you want to include in your design.

In general, rustic events have a rural, relaxed feel to them. They are simple and antique-feeling, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Materials you can use include:

  • Baskets
  • Candles
  • Copper and various metals
  • Drapery (think linen and lace)
  • Dried flowers
  • Glass
  • String and twine
  • Wood

You don’t have to use all of these elements to create a rustic wedding. Choose which ones appeal to you and apply them to table settings, walkways, bars and refreshment areas, and so on.

From there, you can choose a color palette that has muted and neutral colors to keep things feeling calm and collected. You can add pops of color sparingly on focal points using flowers and printed, natural fibers.

2. Choosing an Outdoor Venue

There’s nothing more rustic than the great outdoors.

Opt for a venue such as a barn, a winery, a park, a farm, or an open field. If you have the perfect yard available, use it to your advantage!

The main idea behind choosing an outdoor venue for rustic weddings is that it makes things feel open, airy, and effortlessly natural.

Don’t forget to think about factoring in the wedding transportation cost to and from your venue, as well as who you’d like to offer rides to.

3. Keep Decorations Simple

While there are countless ideas to incorporate into your wedding, you should highlight a few main elements to keep the simple yet inviting ambiance.

For the ceremony, make the focal points the arch and the aisle. You can create a stunning arch using branches, wood, and vining plants. For the aisles, you can decorate the chairs along the walkway to create a perfect photo backdrop from any angle.

For the reception, make the focal points the tables and activity areas. You can use edible, herbal, or moss table runners to create a perfect base to set candles and glass along the middle of the table. As for other activity areas, you may want to create cute alternative seating areas on tree trunks or hay bales with a cloth over them.

Throughout the venue, strategically place candles and dangling lights to create a soft mood. Consider how you can utilize trees, rafters, or any vertical spaces that you have to hang lights and plants.

4. Think Fresh and Local for the Food

While spaghetti with red sauce is a delicious meal, it simply doesn’t fit the rustic vibe.

You may want to have your event catered by a farm-to-table restaurant. Think about how the meal will look on the plates and how that can add to the overall feel of your wedding.

Having a variety of colorful produce will, in and of itself, become a decoration for guests to enjoy.

As for your wedding cake, you may want to hop onto the bandwagon and order a semi-naked wedding cake. They are beautiful and inherently rustic, especially when placed on a copper or wood stand.

5. Offer Old-School Activities

Aside from the ceremony itself, you can add rustic elements into the activities at your wedding.

Live music will do the trick, such as a folk or Americana band, to play throughout your special day. You can always switch to a DJ later in the event if you want specific music to dance to.

You can also include adorable party games like horseshoes and hot potato for kids and adults to enjoy. If you’re allowed to have a fire at the venue, you may want to plan a bonfire with seating and s’mores for later in the day.

Alternatively, you can add little nooks around the space for people to sit and mingle away from their table. This could include low-seating areas complimented with poetry books and blankets, which doubles as a relaxing zone as well as a photo backdrop.

6. Add a Little Flare With the Small Touches

We’re driving home the “keep it simple” point here. The small, thoughtful touches added to your wedding will stay with you and your guests for long to come.

Before the wedding begins, this could include printed invitations that look handmade with a wax printed seal to close the envelope. If you’re having a smaller wedding, you can also include pressed flowers as a part of your design.

Upon their arrival, give guests hand fans or flowers to pin to their outfit. Whenever it’s time for you and your new spouse to leave at the end of the day, have a bridesmaid pass around baskets of leaves or flower petals to throw instead of confetti.

Use flowers for scattering as well as for decor that have historical symbolism. For example, honeysuckles, red chrysanthemum, and red roses represent love.

Make These Rustic Wedding Ideas Your Own

Now that you have loads of new rustic wedding ideas, you can research and brainstorm ways to add your own personal flair.

Decorate simply and invest thought into smaller details. Keep a natural color pallet and have fun with it.

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