Five ways to protect your online privacy

online privacy
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The world is growing on the internet. Digitalization is a revolution in this era. Yet, you are not sure of the data that you are keeping on your android phone is safe or not. People enter their data on their phones or laptops to keep them safe. Many hackers can get access to that data in just one click. There are advertisements on the internet which try to steal your information digitally. 

Be aware while entering data on any site or while making any purchase. The data that you have on your phones or any device should be maintained with care. Putting some tips that may assist you in protecting your data online.

Encrypt the data 

The major problem is the data that is easy to hack. People face challenges to keep their data safe from hackers. The information that you hold in your android phones can be encrypted easily as the data does not have any coding or any unencrypted format. The result of hacking your data can be more dangerous as you think. It can make you a victim of cybercrime. Encrypt your data by using a VPN, and protect it from the offenders- keeping your IP address safe.

Do not open unwanted links

The problem starts with the advertisements that you go while clicking the link they have provided. While surfing the internet, you go through several adds that attract you to buy their product. After opening the add, you will land on their website, which offers you several products. The unwanted links or data can make your information reveal through the internet. When you open any wrong link, you can report to that particular website. 

Don’t save passwords on your device

The primary issue with the buyer or an internet surfer is, they go through several websites where they have to make a login. The device will always ask you to save the passwords or not. Surfers, in a hurry, make a click on the save passwords option. It can harm your data as if your device gets stolen, and the thief could recover the passwords of your login from the device. Try not to save passwords in the phone.  

Be conscious of the privacy settings 

Many users do not have the information regarding their privacy settings in the device. It can lead to revealing of your data to the unwanted person or websites. Get to know about the privacy settings in your device or any social account that you are using. Try to look to the privacy settings and adjust them according to your need.

Back up your data

Some persons do not know how to back up the data in your device. If you don’t back up the data, you will remain with no previous information or data in the phone or PC, in case you are formatting the previous one. If you do not create a back up at the device, your entire data can demolish.

You cannot ignore the convenience Internet has brought to your life. The above tips will only add to it. It is essential to secure your virtual presence to enjoy the online world at best. Stay safe and keep browsing!


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