Tips on setting up and styling your perfect home office

home office

Like every job, working from home comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For one, it can be liberating and flexible to your own schedule from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, it keeps you stuck indoors, very often all by yourself and chances for networking and becoming closer to your colleagues are limited.

Home offices can be the most neglected space in our homes – a messy, uncomfortable environment for inspiration and concentration that surely doesn’t do you any good. To help you create and update your own home office and inspiring space, we asked experts-from bloggers to interior designers for their advice on the best home office ideas that will encourage you to do even more.

Think chic and add your style

Your home office should make you feel cosy and comfortable as soon as you walk in. Create a stylish space that mirrors the design aesthetic throughout your home, but also captures your personality and preferences. Also, remember that it has to be comfortable. Even if your home décor has a vintage retro style, think about ways to incorporate that comfortable office chair.

Plan every corner

Whether your space is big or small, a great organisation is vital for maintaining a petite working environment as it can save you time, money and be easily maintained. In a small space, definitely add shelves above your desk or behind it to use the area to the max, while storing paperwork and daily essentials. This is one of the most popular home office decorating ideas to take advantage of for good reason.

Add Green

Breathe some life into your space so you will want to stay longer. Ensure that you have a balanced home office, which is practical, comfortable and clean. Plants and greens are said to keep you feeling calm and clean the air – plus they look pretty. Choose plants that are low maintenance, don’t take up much space and are visually beautiful and appealing. Make sure there’s plenty of natural light, which is essential for good mood and growth of the plants.

Master your tech and gadgets

There’s not much you can do to glam up the printer or computer, but you can definitely try to hide unsightly cords and plugs. Start by making sure your equipment is close to outlets and easy to access if you need to unplug. There are many interesting adhesive cable clips you can order online while still making them look cool and blend in your space.

Make it cosy

Your office space has to be welcoming but not too cosy. After all-all you want to do there is work and then move to your lounge, relax area. Paint your walls and floor with neutral colours, paired with natural wood, textile with pastel colours, throw pillows, rugs or a yarn wall hanging-create a simple, yet creative and inspiring working space. Don’t be afraid to put details and décor from other rooms in the house. A mix of vintage and modern makes a home feel warm. Mix old and new for the best results. For example, pair and old rug with a pair of new chairs in vivid colour.  

And last but not least-when work is done for the day, stop and praise yourself! Respect your working hours and routine and make sure to leave some space and time for relaxing. For example, if you like to play online casino games from time to time, check out this selection of new online slots for 2020 and see what’s popular in the online community. Or, you can always watch an episode from your favourite series, cook your favourite meal or spend some time out with your friends. 



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