How to Improve Handwriting: The Best Tips and Styles


As the world is moving towards a digital way, people tend to forget the good old days. Today people spend more time on their tablets and phones then they spend in reading and writing. Although people nowadays write much more than they used to in the pre-digital era, writing has changed. People no longer write. They type! Thus, if you are falling into the digital age trap and want to know how to improve handwriting, this article may help you. 

Even for a single note, people nowadays, type letters. They no longer need a pen and paper to write. Many people nowadays complain that their handwriting has become illegible and unidentifiable. 

Handwriting is not just about writing a beautiful page, and handwriting reveals a lot about your personality. A poorly written note in a coffee shop can speak a lot about you. 

Although the basics of handwriting are taught when we are young, specific techniques and tips can improve your writing, no matter what age you are. 

So, let’s get started!

Decide the reason for handwriting improvement.

Most people start the handwriting improvement journey, without thinking about why they want to improve their handwriting. You need to know your goal so that you can focus on getting the best result. 

Your goal can be as simple as making an impression on your colleague, who is a graphologist. It can be as complicated as us, making your handwriting a part of your personality improvement process. No matter what your goals are, it would be best if you had a useful purpose to begin the journey of handwriting improvement.

Choose your weapon

Although a pen is mightier than a sword, you need to have a good pen to win the writing battle. You can’t expect excellent handwriting with a pen that is broken or too thick at the base. You don’t need to buy a gold-plated pen to improve your handwriting, but the pen should be good enough to help you with handwriting improvement. If you are thinking about how to improve handwriting, you need to experiment with different pen models, until you get your perfect weapon to win the handwriting battle for you. 

Most people may say that a fountain pen is the best choice when it comes to handwriting improvement, but the truth is, a good quality ballpoint pen and roller-balls can also work well in improving your handwriting. If you want to get a cursive handwriting style, it would be advisable to use a fountain pen. 

Get a grip

Most people get bad handwriting habits, as they are unable to make a proper grip while writing. Don’t think of a pen-like a sword. It would be best if you handled it properly to get the best handwriting styles. The way you hold your pen should not be too tight or too loose. The grip should be light but supportive. 

When you are holding a pen, your fingers should feel comfortable and balanced. If you feel pain after writing a few lines, the main reason can be poor grip and your way of holding the pain. Make sure that no gully is formed between your index finger and your thumb when you are holding the pen while writing. 

Improve your posture

You may not believe this, but a bad posture can make your handwriting poor. When you are writing, you need to sit comfortably and try to stay relaxed. Writing is an art, and you may not get the perfect writing in a single day, but with gradual practice, you may find positive changes in your handwriting styles. Some experts recommend having your writing surface at a 45-degree angle. Try to have a clear space and surface when you are writing. Make sure that your desk is not cluttered with empty coffee cups and half-eaten sandwiches. 

Identify your imperfections

After following all the steps mentioned above, you need to self-assess yourself. No one is perfect, thus, in the initial few days, you may make some mistakes, but if you want to know how to improve handwriting, you need to learn through your mistakes. Try to look for different mistakes you made, and try not to repeat those mistakes. 

Some mistakes that you may look into include, avoiding too crooked alignment and letters that are too far away from each other. Writing every day for at least a page will give you an idea about the mistakes you may be committing. Thus, having an idea about your imperfections can be one of the best tips you can get to improve your handwriting. 

Practice with air handwriting

You must have heard about the air guitar. When beginners try to learn guitar, they practice the air guitar method. In the same way, you can practice your handwriting in the air before you try writing on paper. When you practice air handwriting, you are helping the complex muscles in your hand to work well, so that you can have enough flexibility to write when you are writing. 

Time to doodle

It has been proven, as per many studies that people who draw well can write well. Thus, doodling can also help you improve your handwriting. Doodling not only helps your brain to stay relaxed, but it also helps you in getting a proper eye and hand coordination. Besides, doodling can help people who are thinking about learning cursive handwriting style.  


By just following all these tips effectively, you will witness an improvement in your handwriting within a few days. Your handwriting will seem as easy as breathing. After following all the points mentioned above, your handwriting will flow easily on the paper, and you will gradually start loving your handwriting. 

No matter what age you are or what you do, good handwriting can make a better impression in front of others, even in this digital world. Thus, use all these tips and tricks and begin your handwriting practice once again.

Let us know how effective these tips were in your handwriting improvement journey. Let us know if we were able to help you provide enough tips about how to improve handwriting.


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