Where To Binge During Lockdown


For many of us lockdown is set to continue for a little while yet as it isn’t expected to be lifted in a bigger scale within the UK until at least July – that does provide an opportunity for many of us to binge some more however as we get a little extra time at home. Mobile gaming has been a huge benefit for many of us as puzzle and arcade games provide a quick and easy way to spend a little time, alongside betting and bingo sites not on gamstop listed here which have also been finding a huge surge in traffic. But there are also plenty of other options for binging – from TV and movies, to your favourite internet personalities.

Netflix, Disney+, and Prime – Binging can’t be mentioned without the big three streaming services, and whilst you may be registered to one or two you may not have thought about checking out the others. But as the spread of the coronavirus has increased web traffic especially on these services, all three have been working hard at adding more titles as often as possible to further the libraries that viewers have access to – if there’s one you’re not registered with, all three offer a free trial service that you should check out and see if there’s something new you can binge.

Crunchyroll – It has snuck up on many, but anime has quickly become a favourite in the west – if you’re an anime fan you would’ve no doubt heard of crunchyroll as it is perhaps the biggest catalogue of animes online, but for new viewers it is a subscription based service much like Netflix. Anime series are also perfect to binge – many have hundreds of episodes that span over a number of years, with episodes often being quite short in the range of around twenty minutes for many, they’re a good option for watching one or two episodes before taking a short break. They also cover a wide range of topics, and with that there’s typically something that those who aren’t usually anime fans will be able to watch.

Twitch – The most popular streaming service out there and for good reason – it has the most amount of streamers on the platform amongst the competition. Covering any topic you could possibly think of – from gaming being its main purpose to other areas such as cooking, sculpting, real life, or just chatting – put a stream on in the background for hours of live content and with a rising number of active streamers you’re bound to find a personality that you enjoy.

Once the daily routine gets back on track and we return to work, it may be difficult to find the time to really binge on some of our favourite things once again – now may be the best time to really free up a little and take some ‘me’ time and get through the back catalogue of things you’ve been meaning to watch but just haven’t had time to do so.


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