Coffee Trends to Try This Spring

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People have consumed coffee since the 15th century. In 2020, coffee is no less popular, and coffee lovers continuously innovate and find new ways to enjoy the bean-based beverage. As the seasons turn and temperatures rise, coffee trends tend to change as well. Whether you’re looking for a new drink to try at a cafe or want to make a new recipe at home, pay attention to these creative spring 2020 coffee trends.

Herb and Flower Infusions trend

What could be more indicative of spring than fresh flowers and herbs? To enjoy the blooms of the season in a cup, try coffee flavored with herb or flower-infused simple syrups. You can order the more popular options, like lavender and rose lattes, at many coffee shops.

However, if you want to get more creative, you’ll have to create your own blend at home. To make the simple syrup, heat water and sugar on the stove and add in fresh flowers or herbs like mint, basil, and rosemary. Once cooled, pour the syrup into your coffee in place of sweetener. To add to the aesthetic, and a fresh sprig or flower bud on top.

Fruity Blends

Another warm-weather friendly trend in coffee consumption is using fruit to add flavor. For example, you can have citrus-infused coffee by brewing a cup of coffee and squeezing in the juice from an orange or lemon. Or, you can muddle in raspberries or blueberries.

Some cafes offer coffee drinks that were infused with fruit flavors before the grinds were even brewed. For example, baristas can add broken up pieces of dried banana chips into the coffee grind.

Sustainable Options

Purchasing environmentally-friendly and sustainable products is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. That being said, sustainable ground coffee has become increasingly popular among consumers in recent years because more brands have begun offering sustainable options. You can contribute to these efforts by buying making coffee at home with sustainably-produced coffee grounds or by asking what brand of coffee your favorite coffee shop uses.

Why does coffee sustainability matter? Many of the processes involved in producing coffee can harm the environment. For example, the coffee industry can decrease biodiversity in a region, coffee plantations often dispose of waste in local rivers, and the wide use of disposable coffee cups contribute to deforestation.

Snap chilled Coffee

Snapchilled coffee, a recent invention from Elemental Beverage Co., combines the best attributes of cold brew and iced coffee. Snapchilled coffee is brewed hot and then chilled within just a few minutes, addressing the common complaints that cold brew coffee doesn’t extract enough flavor and that iced coffee dilutes the drink.

Dalgona (Whipped Coffee)

In March, Dalgona coffee hit the internet by storm, and the coffee trend will surely carry over into spring. Most likely, you’ve come across this foamy drink that originated in South Korea and India and looks like an upside-down latte online.

To make Dalgona coffee, just add one tablespoon of instant espresso or coffee, one tablespoon of sugar, and a tablespoon of water into a bowl, then whip it with a hand mixer. You then pour this mixture over your coffee or a glass of plain milk.

If you want to get a little bit more creative, you can add vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, fruits, or a shot of Irish cream to the mix.

Alternative Sweeteners and Creamers

New sweeteners and creamers have persisted as a widespread trend in coffee consumption. While options like almond milk may be old news, alternatives such as oat milk have taken over the coffee creamer scene. When it comes to natural sweeteners, agave syrup and monk fruit are great options to try.

Tonic Coffee and Coffee Spritzers

Fortunately, you don’t have to limit your coffee consumption to the morning hours. In recent years, coffee has become an increasingly popular ingredient for cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. This spring, you’ll likely notice coffee mixed with tonic popping up everywhere.

This mixture has a robust taste; the tangy flavor of tonic balances well with the acidity of the coffee. You can order this drink at a coffee shop or bar, or make it at home with a little bit of added citrus or herbs.

Fresh Coffee, Fresher Recipes

Though coffee is a timeless, classic drink, new coffee trends come and go each year. While you may love your regular black coffee, it’s fun to try the decadent options offered at cafes and bars. This spring, give sweet, creamy, or even alcoholic coffee mixtures a try.


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