Prepare Your Meal the Right Way! 11 Awesome Tips for Smoking Meat

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Historians widely hold the notion that meat smoking is an age-old practice enjoyed by the earliest of men who smoked their fish. Though drying was the dominant method of preservation, ancient people found out that smoking could also preserve meat just as well.

Nowadays, thanks to refrigeration, we don’t have to smoke or dry meat out for preservation. In this century, we smoke meat for flavoring and cooking purposes. However, that makes smoking meat much more complicated than it was earlier on.

If you’re a beginner, you might need a few tips for smoking meat to get the hang of it. The same also applies to professionals who need to refine or grow their meat-smoking skills. Meat smoking can dramatically change how the meat cooks and give the meat a fantastic flavor.

In this article, we’ll highlight eleven incredible tips you can try out when smoking meat. So get your pen and notebook ready, and let’s get straight to it.

Tips for Smoking Meat Every Meat Smoker Should Know

A simple hole in the ground can act as a pretty good smoker but is way harder to set up and more complicated than a store-bought smoker. For that reason, you should use a regular smoker rather than digging a hole to smoke your meat.

However, if you’re a beginner just trying out meat smoking, you can use your charcoal grill as a makeshift meat smoker for the time being.

That said, here are a few incredible tips for smoking meat:-

1. It All Starts With the Smoker

Now the type of smoker you choose will significantly affect the quality of your meat smoking. There are many types of smokers to choose from. These types include wood smokers, charcoal smokers, gas smokers, and electric smokers.

Wood smokers produce the most flavorful meat depending on the type of wood you choose. Electric smokers are easy to use but way expensive, and not all give very tasty results. Apart from the kind of meat smoker, you should also consider the quality of the smoker you buy.

An electric smoke gives you the desired result, but only if you get the right one. Be sure to read more now about how to find good electric smokers.

2. Find an Ideal Place to Smoke Your Meat

Once you have the right smoker, you need to find an ideal place for it. You want your smoker away from strong winds, or any rain or snow, which will be quite difficult since you can’t use a smoker inside.

You can place your smoker on a terrace, gazebo, or the verandah. Remember to keep it away from flammable stuff as a safety precaution.

3. Insulate Your Smokers

The great thing about ceramic smokers is they have their own insulation. However, you’ll need to make your own insulation for other types of smokers. In doing so, you can maintain the smoker at the set temperature and also make it more fuel-efficient.

There are many ways to make your own insulation, but you can just settle for store-bought insulation. Either that or you can use a special welding blanket or aluminum foil, among other insulation materials.

4. Clean the Smoker

It’s easy to overlook cleaning the smoker, but it’s something you have to do after smoking your meat. You should clean the smoker while it’s still hot because it’s much easier to clean.

If you wait for too long, all the grease will solidify and become harder to clean. A dirty smoker rarely does a good job of smoking meat.

5. Warm the Smoker and Have Extra Fuel Ready

If you have a clean smoker, you can now warm it before you get to business. Warm may take a bit of time before it reaches the required temperature. However, proper insulation cuts down this warming time quite significantly.

6. Don’t Smoke the Meat for Too Long

You shouldn’t smoke the meat for more than half the time the meat takes to cook after smoking. Over smoking meat completely ruins its flavor. Smoking meat for too long is a rookie mistake that you can’t afford to make because it messes up the entire thing.

7. Always Close the Lid

It’s quite tempting to open up the lid once in a while to check the progress of the smoking. You need to train yourself to resist the urge to open the lid every time.

When you open the lid, the smoker loses heat, and it thus takes a longer time to smoke. You can take a peek maybe once or twice but stop at the second peek and trust your thermometer henceforth.

8. Choose the Right temperature

Finding the right temperature isn’t a hit or miss thing; you have to be keen on temperature during the entire smoking process. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t go anywhere above 220 degrees unless you’re warming up the grill.

Once you have your meat in the smoker, lower the temperature. Remember, smoking is a slow and delicate process. It’s okay to place a tray with water to keep the temperature down, and also to keep the meat moist and soft.

9. Black Smoke Means Something’s Wrong

You want your smoke to be white and coming out in thin whips. This means that everything, including temperature and ventilation, is okay. Black smoke, on the other hand, means your smoker doesn’t have enough ventilation, which gives the meat a burnt taste.

10. Plan the Entire Smoking Process

Good smoking takes a lot of planning and practice to get everything right. Plan everything from your meats cuts, type of wood to use for wood smokers. Hickory and oak, for instance, are some of the best wood for flavor.

Also, note that smoking takes longer during the winter since a lot of heat is lost in the cold weather. You can smoke much faster during summer, but just be careful not to over-smoke the meat.

11. Don’t Trust the Hood Thermometer Too Much

Don’t always rely on the hood thermometer when smoking. It may be a bit inaccurate. Instead, try to get yourself a digital dual probe thermometer for more accurate readings.

Proper Meat Smoking Is an Art

Hopefully, with these few tips for smoking meat, you’re now ready to light up the smoker and smoke your meat. The most important things to note are temperature and patience during the smoking process. Electric smokers are the best for beginners before they can advance to a wood smoker.

Smoking is more challenging during winter, which is, unfortunately, the festive season where a lot of meat smoking happens. Just take these tips to heart to prepare tasty smoked meat, whatever the season.

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