advance7 – 10 Stunning Ideas To Take Advantage Of Small Spaces In Your Living Room


Beautifying a small living room is often a source of frustration and stress. Aside from your bedroom, you spend extra time each day in your living room than any other space at home. The truth is that you can have a tiny living room that functions as well as and looks as lovely as a large one. The secret (well, not anymore) is to make the most out of small space solutions.

Taking Advantage of Small Space Solutions

Small furniture is not a must. However, it’s also not a requirement to fill the room with a giant table or couch. Try to battle against the temptation to fill it up when you don’t have to. This will only make you and your visitors feel as if you’re being squeezed out. 

Design essentials like cube storage shelves, accent lighting, solid color scheme, and hidden storage go a long way in turning a small space into a larger one. Case in point, the following are ten modest small living rooms ideas. Each one exposes how to bundle a lot of flair and function in minimal space without making things look and feel crowded or unpleasant.

1. Embrace White Walls

White walls can be tedious and monotonous, but they can generate a comforting mood. Think about embracing a white and light interior. Blending your walls with similarly pale furniture is a sophisticated and straightforward way to make any tiny space feel larger and brighter.

2. Let There Be Light

If your small living room has access to an abundance of natural light, do not block it with dark drapes or shades. Let it pour in naturally to make your space feel airier and more open. Although you don’t have tons of sunlight and enormous windows, go for lighter shades to make the most of the light you only have.

3. Great Wall of Books

To transform a tiny, sort of depressing, living room into your favorite spot, think about taking a bare wall and converting it into a cute top-to-bottom library. It will give plenty of storage ideas as it also delivers a built-in luxe impact and creates a statement.

4. Keep Things Linear

Try executing differing linear and geometric prints on your living room design ideas. This provides your small space perception of a structure while also delivering the impression of additional width and length.

5. Hidden Storage

Choose furniture with integrated storage to reduce clutter. A storage ottoman can work well as your coffee table. Along the edge of the room, aim for a small credenza or a tiny chest of drawers as an alternative to a console table to enhance your living room storage ideas.

6. Floor to Ceiling Draperies

Draperies are the smartest way to add immediate height to any area. Hang them from around where the wall meets the ceiling and allow them to somewhat slick on the ground.

7. Space Beneath the Stairs

Take full advantage of the vacant space under your stairs by integrating everything from useful storage to quirky decorations. If you have space concerns in your tiny abode and want to make the most of every corner, then turn to that nimble space under your stairs into a cozy and warm living space.

8. Baskets for Wall Storage

If you are confronted with tiny space living, the only way certainly is up! Take advantage of any floor space by keeping on it as clutter-free as feasible. You can make the most out of appealing willow baskets to work out the storage dilemma.

Dangling from embellished hooks that can take plenty of weight, these storage baskets are excellent for fast end-of-day tidy-ups for your books, toys, gadgets, magazine, and all the other mess that tends to lay all around.

9. Lush Greeneries

Like mirrors and wallpapers, plants are a delightful way to add depth to a tiny living room. Lush greenery diminishes angles and fools the eye into imagining that there is more to the area than there actually is. Plants are exceptionally useful in curves and behind or beside sofas and chairs.

10. Look Above

If your tiny living room is lucky enough to have a high ceiling, you can take full benefit of that extra space. While upright space does not ease with forcing in an extra seat, luring the eye upward does support in giving the impression that your space is grander and more extensive than it would otherwise appear.

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Final Thoughts

Just because you own a fun-size living room doesn’t mean you have to hold back on when it comes to beautifying your space. Do not let your tiny living room steal your style. No matter how small your area, it can still appear chic and classy. Now, move and explore the ​most excellent small space design ideas for beautifying the most lived-in space in your home.


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