10 Most Commonly Replaced John Deere Cotton Picker Parts

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Over the years, there’s no doubt that the John Deere company has established a reputation as one of the world’s best manufacturers of agricultural equipment, and of cotton-harvesting equipment in particular. However, no matter how well something is made and no matter how durable it is, eventually it will wear down simply through a long period of usage.

While that kind of wear and tear is inevitable, it’s not the end of the world, and it’s even fairly easy to get high-quality replacement parts shipped to you in a matter of days when a critical component fails. At Certi-Pik, USA, we can supply you with all the aftermarket John Deere replacement parts you might ever need, and we can get them to you in a very short period of time. That will keep your machine in the fields where it should be, and it will keep your operation on schedule.

Certain parts on a cotton harvester will normally wear out faster than others, usually because they’re moving parts which are exposed to forces like friction, torque, heat, and the elements, all of which contribute to lowering the life expectancy of components. The parts described below are among those which have historically required more frequent replacement than most others, so they’re the ones you should keep a close eye on each season, looking for signs of undue wear.

10 Most Commonly Replaced Parts

As you might expect, some of the most commonly replaced parts on cotton harvesting machines are those which are moving parts. This stands to reason, because they are subject to stresses which static parts are normally exempt from. Even though all of these parts are made with the best raw materials, using the most advanced manufacturing processes, there is no way to overcome the powerful forces which cause them to wear down and require replacement. Here are some of the components which routinely are subject to those kinds of stresses, and which wear down more often as a result:

  • Moistener pads and columns
  • CTX scrapping plates
  • Aluminum picker bars
  • Various belts, such as serpentine belts
  • Lubrication hoses
  • Stalk lifters
  • Picker and grid bars
  • Components from the picking  unit system
  • Cam tracks
  • Spindle nuts

Miscellaneous Parts

There are all kinds of standalone, miscellaneous parts on a huge machine like a cotton harvester which don’t belong to any specific system, but which can be subject to replacement at any given time. It takes all kinds of high-quality components to keep a complex piece of equipment like this running smoothly, and that’s why there are literally hundreds of miscellaneous parts to be found on a cotton-harvester. It might be a little harder to identify one of these parts, but if you have the OEM number or the Certi-Pik part number, we won’t have any difficulty shipping you the exact right part.

Picking Unit Cabinet

There are a number of critical components in the picking unit cabinet, and if any of these suddenly give out on you, it could bring your operation to a screeching halt. Fortunately, we stock most of the major parts in this assembly, and we can have them shipped out to you on the same day that you place an order with us. For whatever model of John Deere equipment you’re using, we have the parts you need for your picking unit cabinet.

Picking Unit System

The picking unit system is one of those areas on a cotton harvester where a number of moving parts are functioning when the harvester is being operated. That means that the parts involved with the picking unit are more prone to breakdown from heat or friction than most other areas on your harvesting machine. We make a point of keeping these components in stock, recognizing that there will be greater demand for them, so when you need them, we’ll be ready to ship them out promptly.

Water Systems

The water system on your harvester fulfills an important role, in keeping the machine clear of nasty residue build ups which can foul the operation pretty quickly. If you should need any of the individual parts which comprise the water system on your harvesting machine, we will probably have it in stock and ready to ship out on that same day.

Air Systems

Without a well-functioning air system in your harvester, the movement of cotton through the machine would not be nearly as efficient, and it’s entirely possible that moisture could cause blockages to form. To keep your air system in good shape and working effectively, get the replacement parts you need from our Certi-Pik, USA inventory, whenever you have need of them.


There are all kinds of belts in use on a cotton harvester, so ordering the exact right one which you need is important. They are all sized differently, and many of them have different operating characteristics which require them to be made to precise specifications. We keep a good supply of John Deere aftermarket belts in our inventory, so whichever one you need, we’ll probably have it in stock, and it can be shipped out promptly.

High Quality Aftermarket Parts

While some of the parts listed above are those which are replaced most frequently, it’s entirely possible that virtually any single component of your cotton harvesting machine could become worn out, or it could fail under heavy usage on a given day. When that happens, chances are we’ll have that part in stock for you, and we’ll be able to ship it to you promptly. When you do order from us, you can always count on receiving a high-quality aftermarket component that will be just as good as the original John Deere part which came with your harvester.

We make a point of only working with the best manufacturers around the globe, so that we can uphold the same level of quality and reliability for all parts we sell. And we make sure that our service to customers is the best in the business, because we aim to be your one source for all high-quality parts for your harvesting machinery. Contact us today at Certi-Pik, USA, to place an order for any component you need to keep your harvesting operation on track, and to keep your harvester in the fields.


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