5 Adult Things to Do in Las Vegas

adult things to do in las vegas

Las Vegas is a hot tourist destination with 42.5 million visitors making the trip in 2019.

Sin City won’t be your first choice if you’re looking to book a family trip.

If you’re going with your partner or a group, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. Don’t spend all your time in the Online Cricket Betting ID, get out there and see all Vegas has to offer.

Leave the kids with Grandma and get ready for one wild and raunchy vacation. Keep reading to find the best adult things to do in Las Vegas.

1. Hit a Strip Club

Visiting a strip club one of the quintessential adult activities in Las Vegas. A strip joint is a must if you’re going with a group of buddies or an open-minded partner.

Not all strip clubs are equal. You’ll want to do some research before deciding which you’d like to visit.

Before you choose where you want to go, you need to know what you want out of your visit.

Are you going to pay for a lapdance? Do you just want to watch the nude strippers do their thing? Or do you want to be a little more involved with the girls in the club?

Vegas strip joints are different than the ones you might be used to at home. They often have dozens or even hundreds of dancers in one room. Many of the girls are flying into the city for the sole purpose of dancing for the weekend.

They’re going to naturally gravitate towards the tables they sense have money. Consider springing for bottle service to get the girls flocking to you. A table full of expensive bottles is akin to a neon sign telling the dancers you’re ready to spend money.

2. Watch Sexy Stage Shows

If you prefer your sexy dances to have little to no nudity, you have plenty of options. Many stage shows are sensual without the full-on raunchiness of strip clubs.

Imagine Cirque du Soleil with a sexy twist. That’s what you get with see Zumanity at New York-New York Hotel& iceCasino. This show features talented aerialists and acrobats in a variety of sensual scenes.

Absinthe is another excellent show to take in while in Vegas. It’s not Cirque but draws heavy influence from their styling. Absinthe is part carnival, part comedy, and a whole lot of dangerous feats.

3. Visit an Adults-Only Club

Are you traveling with an adventurous partner? Are you two looking for a way to spice things up? Lucky for you, there is no shortage of naughty things to do in Vegas.

We recommend checking out one of the city’s several swing clubs.

The Green Door is a popular hangout destination for swingers. Watch from the sidelines or jump right in. The choice is yours.

These clubs are perfect for consenting adults to live out their wildest fantasies.

This is truly one of the best unforgettable adult activities in Las Vegas.

4. Give the Shooting Range a Try

There are a lot of non-sex centric activities to do for adult fun in Vegas, too. One of our favorite places to go is the gun range. It’s not every day you get to shoot an AK47 or a sniper rifle.

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to shoot a grenade launcher? Curious how much a machine gun vibrates when it goes off? For a few bucks, you’ll be able to find out.

Some ranges even have adventure packages you can buy.

Love the idea of shooting but also want to ride a dune buggy? Want to shoot some guns, ride an ATV and visit the Grand Canyon by air? You can do it all in one day in Las Vegas.

Not everyone is gun-hungry. If you are just tagging along for the ride, see if the range has a beginner’s course. These often use smaller caliber weapons

The gun inventory changes depending on the range you’re going to. Some have a vast number of options, while others are limited to one or two. Be sure to do your research beforehand to make sure where you’re going has the gun you want.

You won’t walk onto the range and be handed a gun. Your instructor will teach you about the powerful weapon in your hands first. You won’t be able to shoot it until you’ve gone through a thorough safety briefing.

Do you have a lot of money to spend and an unhealthy obsession with tanks? For $2,500, you can get drive a replica tank and crush a car.

5. Take a Racecar for a Spin

Looking for more fun and less sexy adult things to do in Vegas? How about hitting the racetrack to drive a few fast cars?

There are several different tracks in Vegas, each with a unique set of cars and experiences. Some will charge you by the minute; others allow you to take the vehicle on the track a set number of times.

Whether you want to drive a $200,000 Lamborghini or let a pro Tokyo drift you around, you’ll be entertained.

Are you uncomfortable with the idea of driving a $100,000 car? Find a racetrack that offers ridealong cruises. You’ll still get the adrenaline rush of being in a racecar, without being liable for any incidents.

Enjoy the Adult Things to Do in Las Vegas

Sin City is the perfect vacation destination for adventurous singles and couples. Our list of adult things to do in Las Vegas should keep you occupied.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, take a walk down the strip and breathe it all in. There is no other place on Earth like it. When you’re ready to take your trip to the next step, our guide will be here for you.

Check out our Travel section for more tips for your next vacation.


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