9 Super Fun Gambling Dice Games You Should Be Playing

gambling dice games

Human beings have been playing with dice since 6,000 BC, and possibly even before. There’s an atmosphere of chance, luck, and fortune when playing with dice, which is why dice games remain popular today.

There are several exciting and fun games to play, and all are simple enough for anyone to learn and enjoy. With a positive attitude and a handful of dice, anyone can celebrate an evening with lady luck. Discover some of the best gambling dice games below.

9 Gambling Dice Games to Make You Cheer

Here are nine fantastic Online Cricket Betting ID games with dice that anyone can play, anywhere. Enjoy, and have fun!

1. Craps

One of the most popular casino dice games is Craps. It’s a derivative of a much older game called Hazard and has roots that stretch back to the 12th century. Craps is a simple game where participants place bets on the roll or rolls of the dice, either betting on their total sum or the individual dice values.

Because of the outcome of any dice roll is completely up to chance, this game is unpopular among those looking for a game that features a combination of luck and strategy. Still, it’s a favorite among many casino goers.

2. Bunco

Anyone who has ever wondered how to gamble with dice may want to begin their adventure with a game of Bunco. In this game, all players take turns rolling a set of three dice. After each roll, the dice values are added together to form a final sum.

The person with the highest (or, in some games, the lowest) sum wins the pot. Of all the popular gambling dice games, Bunco is one of the easiest to try and master.

3. Poker Dice

Poker Dice are different from regular, six-sided dice. Rather than showing simple strata of dots, these dice show various card faces. Standard sets of Poker Dice show cards with values of 9 through ace.

To play Poker Dice, participants take turns rolling the dice and counting their hands. The player with the best poker hand wins. This game can be extremely addictive, so be careful!

4. Bluff

Bluff is an exceptional game to play with friends, and it can be played with one or several dice. However, most games include at least two people and five or six six-sided dice per player.

Each player must roll their own set of dice and keep the results secret from other players. They must then place a bet as to how many of any particular dice landed face-up during the roll. For example, a player may have two dice with a value of five, and guess that there are four more fives on the table.

The winner of this game is the player that either matches or exceeds the original big. This dice game can be slightly trickier to master, especially when playing with unscrupulous gamblers.

5. Pass the Pig

This game is all about point accumulation. Each round, the players take turns rolling a single six-sided dice. If the value is one, their accumulated total drops back down to zero.

If the value is above one, the number is added to their previous rolls. The first player to reach a pre-determined score (typically 100 points) wins the pots.

6. LCR

This game is fairly recent and involved a special set of three dice with L, R, and C, written on them. They also have several blank faces. Players begin with an equal set of chips and then roll the three dice.

Based on the directions displayed on the dice, that player must pass their chips to players on their left or right, or put them in the center. Of course, if the face is blank, a player can keep their chips. The last player holding chips wins the game and the pot at the center.

7. Sic Bo

Sic Bo originates from various parts of Asia and requires three dice to play. While there are countless variations of this game, the basic rules are simple and easy to understand. Players bet on the sum of three dice, then roll.

The winner is the player with the closest guess to the resulting roll.

8. Chō-Han Bakuchi

This gambling dice game originates from Japan and involves six dice. A player rolls all of the dice at a single time and covers them, keeping the results secret, even from themselves. Then, all of the players make bets about whether the sum of the rolled dice will be odd or even.

9. Cooties

Cooties, also known as Beetle, is a fun dice game that combines gambling, drawing, and elimination. It’s also very similar to the basketball game, H.O.R.S.E. To play Cooties, you’ll need paper and pens in addition to a single six-sided dice.

Players must roll their dice, and based on the value, draw a part of a cootie bug. However, players must always start with a body, and a body can only be drawn if a player rolls a one. This system makes for an entertaining and fast-paced game where players attempt to be the first one to complete their drawing and win the pot.

Roll the Dice and Get Lucky Today!

There are so many dice games from which to choose, that is can be difficult to know which one to start with! However, it’s easy to gather a group of close friends or relatives to host a private game night. You and your guests can take the opportunity to try all of these gambling dice games, and see which ones you like the most.

Dice aren’t an expensive investment, and any lucky person could benefit from playing these games. Of course, moderation and self-preservation are key when gambling, so play responsibly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your dice out and get ready for a fantastically fun chance to play some of the best gambling dice games.


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