3 Ways To Encourage Healthy Eating at Work

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Whether it is candy dishes on co-workers desks, fast food lunches or birthday cake in the breakroom, the workplace can present challenges to maintaining healthy eating patterns. However, there are three ways you can encourage your employees to eat healthy food at work.


There is so much conflicting information about healthy eating out there, that your employees may be overwhelmed. You can help them make healthy choices by posting healthy eating posters in the break room, distributing educational materials and having workplace events that educate employees on healthy eating habits.

Longer Lunch Breaks

The laws in most states only require employers to provide a 20-minute lunch break. When employees have less time to eat, they may resort to quick options, like fast food, that may not be healthy for them. When employees have more time to eat, they are more likely to prepare a healthy lunch or seek out dining options that offer healthier choices. To further encourage healthy eating, consider banning employees from eating at their desks. Employees who try to work while eating, tend to make less healthy food choices.

Provide Healthy Options On-Site

One of the best ways to encourage healthy eating is to provide employees with healthy food options that they don’t have to leave the workplace to obtain. Many employees either do not have the time or simply do not wish to prepare their own lunches at home. An on-site cafeteria can reduce employees’ reliance on less healthy options, such as fast food. You can encourage your workers to make better snacking choices by having food vendors Pittsburgh PA stock your office vending machines with healthy snacks.

Healthy employees are more productive employees. Helping your employees make healthier eating choices can boost productivity and morale, lower your health insurance premiums and reduce sick days.


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