Over the Top Services: Why and how should you Avail OTT Services

OTT Services

Have you just heard “OTT” from any of your friends? , you might be wondering what that means, well we are here to give you as much information about OTT as we could. Stay with us till the end of this article and you, just like your friends, would also be knowing what OTT services are.

About Over the Top Services:

OTT is the short from of “over the top services. These services enable you to watch   videos and other related streaming media that may or may not be available on any other website. Over the top services cannot be accessed without an internet connection .not only this but most services can only be accessed if you have registered to them.

Customers need to subscribe with a monthly or yearly package. Customers can also use OTT services for free but only for a limited time. this limited time is provided to the customers as “free trial” so that they can experience the luxury for some time and then decide whether they want to buy subscription or not . This free trial is subjective to every OTT service and can vary from 7 day trial to as many days as 6 months.

Why Should I Avail Over the Top Services?

  •  Easy to access Mobile Apps:  

Most of over the Top services have their own mobile apps that can be accessed easily. These mobiles put your favorite TV shows and movies just a click away. Not only this but having an access to OTT mobile services means that you can walk everywhere with your all-time favorites in your pocket.

OTT services also have their own websites where you can create accounts to login and register. They have their official social media accounts as well which you can follow to keep yourself updated.

Internet Services:

Speed and internet are 2 things that have a very deep relation. Most of us have have to spend too much on internet services like Verizon and Comcast etc. So that’s why people are looking for best router under 100 dollars. But still you have to check the quality and speed. But you can easily get good one even in this budget.  

  •  Commercial Free:

Interruption during movies and shows might be the most annoying thing for regular viewers. The best part of OTT services is that they offer commercial less streaming. Obviously they charge extra for the service because they are not getting paid from the branding companies because of you. OTT like Netflix doesn’t not air its shows on cable television so no commercials at all. But Hulu shows when aired on television have commercials which can be avoided by getting their online premium subscription.

  •  Latest Trend:

Apart from the above benefits, another reason for which you should get over the top services is because of their popularity. OTT services are changing the trends of media industry and people are loving it. 

In recent years another trend in noted that cable TV is dying slow and steady. At the same time people are looking for Cable TV alternatives. In this scenario many other companies provide amazing streaming services like Hulu live, Sling TV and more. 

  • Subscribe to as many as possible:

OTT services are quite affordable so there is no issue in subscribing to more than one service providers. Each service provider provides a channel that is unique and provides access to distinct shows that may or may not be available on other similar channels.

How can I Access Over the Top Services?

  • Via Smart TV:

Most smart TVs are available in the market with pre-installed apps such a as Netflix, Hulu, amazon prime video etc. in case they are not pre-installed, they can be installed. 

  • Via Add-On Device:

Just in case you own a regular TV and not a smart one, then no worries because an add-on devices such as Rook, Chrome cast Stick or Amazon’s Fire TV Stick can be directly connected to your TV and you would be able to access OTT services. These devices will cost you about $30 to $50 and enable you to connect your TVs with HDMI cables with which you can connect your gadgets to log in to our accounts

  • Via Mobile:

As stated earlier, mobile apps of most service providers are available. All you need to do is download the app, create your account and subscribe. This will enable you to watch movies and shows on your mobile phones

  • Via Laptop /PC/ Gadget:

Another way of watching your favorite shows is by visiting the official provider’s websites and logging in to your accounts, just make sure that you have already subscribed earlier.


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