Staying Busy and Occupied! 15 Awesome Summer Activities for Kids

summer activities for kids


Your kids adore this time of the year mainly because of the long break that they get from school. They’re free to explore and live a life filled with play.

With school out, you definitely want to keep your kids entertained with more than just regular tv programming, Xboxes, PlayStations, or smartphones. There’s a ton of amazing summer activities for kids that you should consider.

Take a look at some of these fun and unique ideas.

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1. Summer Activities for Kids that Teach New Skills

You can plan a day or two where your children go to watch an artist paint or create pottery. The added fun is that you can probably get your child to take a few classes. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a good way to stay knowledgeable about these events.

Summer camp is always a good place for your kids to learn new skills and create unforgettable memories too. If you would like to explore summer camps, read more here.

2. Create an Obstacle Course

This screams fun, adventure and competition. All the things that kids love. Transform your backyard into an obstacle course.

Go all out with the use of jump ropes, hula hoops, or even tires. Timing your kids as they do this activity will make it more challenging and fun.

3. Visit a Petting Zoo

Kids and baby animals, that’s a sure hit. From petting baby llamas to feeding baby rabbits and even pony rides, go ahead and schedule a tour for your kids.

Research online on petting zoo sites to see available farms and zoos in your area.

4. Get Your Neighbors Involved

Organize a game night with your neighbors. This can be a weekly event.

To make it fair, let a different parent be the referee each week and use new teams. Be it kickball or softball, there are loads of summer activities that you can do.

5.Tour a Factory

Get those little gears in your kids’ minds turning. Schedule a factory tour for them to see how their favorite product is made from start to scratch.

You can use a website such as to find a factory near you.

6. Go to a Community Park

This is a delight for you and a treat for your kids based on the wide variety of activities offered. Most offer free admission.

Arts and crafts, swimming, music, nature, and sports are just some of the programs offered. So go ahead and get in touch with your city park department.

7. Bond over Goo

This can be a fun bonding activity for you and your child. Regardless of their age, kids love goo, so make some and let your imaginations take over.

To make it, pour a cup of water into a mixing bowl, throw in a few drops of food coloring, and then stir in two cups of cornstarch slowly. It’s easy, relaxing, and fun!

8. Be a Tourist in Your Backyard

Vacation in town this year. Do some research and visit spots you had no idea existed.

Make it more fun by doing a hometown trivia with the help of your local historical society and by getting your neighbors involved.

9. Bowl the Days Away

Find an alley in your town that offers free summer-long bowling for kids. Usually, kids get to play two free games daily, so get them signed up on

10. Cook up a Storm

Let your child learn how to make a few dishes. Check-in with your local grocery store to see if they offer a cheap culinary class or find out if any culinary schools in your area are offering summer classes for kids.

If not, its time for you to take the reigns and start having cooking and baking lessons yourself.

11. Story Time

Kids love stories, as their imaginations run wild. Allow your child to venture to a new world by checking your local bookstore or library’s schedule to see when they offer storytime for kids.

You can also have storytime at home with your kids. After they have finished reading a book, you can have them act out their favorite part of the story.

12. Channel Your Child’s, Inner Picasso

Design a space with a variety of art supplies for your kids. Encourage them to paint, draw, and craft. Provide them with some ideas through the use of easy DIY craft project instructions.

13. Stargaze

Get some blankets in the backyard, lie down, and go stargazing. Show your kids some famous constellations. You can use a stargazing guidebook to help you.

If you have the funds, you can even purchase a telescope for them to use.

14. Spend the Day at a County Fair

Summer is the time for county fairs, so load up the gang and take the kids to a carnival or fair. There’ll be plenty of rides and other amusements available.

15. Make Summer Memorable!

Add a twist to summer for your kids this year. Do as many activities as you can, but make a record of each. Be it through a scrapbook, journal, or a photo album, let your kids have the memories for a lifetime.

A fun idea would be to create a story entitled “60 Days of Summer” or you can let them go crazy and turn their memories into a work of art.

Summer With a Difference!

Challenge yourself to make this summer one that your kids will remember.

When kids are bored, they often become mischievous, and this can put you and them at loggerheads. When you have fun activities planned out that will engage them, you are more likely to have a trouble-free summer.

Use local resources such as bowling alleys, libraries, community parks, farms, and more to schedule a host of unique activities for the summer. Including arts, sports, nature, and education in your list of summer activities for kids will ensure that your kids have the best and most memorable summer yet. (Cialis)

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