Strange Information about Insects

facts about insects

These insects are small in size but they are terrible, in fact they are scary insects and the palm of your hand can contain them, and they can also lead to the biggest concerns, but even adults may scream when they see them, and you may not think that these are really scary insects, But after reading these ten facts, your opinion has changed.

1- The cockroach can live for weeks without its head

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Cockroaches are some of the scary insects surrounding us for two main reasons. The first reason is that they carry a ton of bacteria that can cause harmful diseases, and the other, they are very difficult to kill, and the cockroach can live for weeks without food and water, and can hold its breath For up to 40 minutes, killing him through the toilet is not a sure-fire way to kill them.

Cockroaches can live weeks without their heads, so do not be surprised if you see a beheaded cockroach crawling around you, because the cockroaches do not need their heads to breathe or move, and these functions are controlled by devices in other parts of the body.

This does not mean that the cockroaches are immortal, they will eventually die of hunger and thirst because they will need their heads to eat and drink, and the head of the cockroach can remain alive if it freezes for several hours or even days, and now what is the most terrible? A cockroach that moves without a head, or a cockroach that moves.

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2- Honeybees have hair on the eyeball

Bees have one of the best sighted eyes in the world of insects, because bees have five eyes, two of which are complex, and this means that they are made of thousands of small eyes, and these compound eyes are very effective, they can see up to 300 frames per second, and can Also see ultraviolet light.

This is amazing, but there is something frightening about the eyes of honeybees. It is of frightening insects. The bees have delicate hair that helps bees to pick up and transport more pollen, and also, it can help bees to know the direction of the wind, and set moisture in the air.

3- In some parts of the world, ants use gypsum to close wounds

Fearless ants are frightening because they have strong lower jaws. When you bite them for someone, they will really cry out in pain, and some of them will not leave your skin even after death. If they leave them, they will leave behind bad puncture wounds. Strong jaws are not always harmful. In East Africa And parts of the amazon use gypsum ants to close wounds, in case of bad cut or wound, they get gigantic ants to bite both sides of the pieces, and hold the skin together, and this stops the bleeding effectively, and this takes the place of stitches, and it can hold the cutting for up to a few Days, allowing the wound to heal, and this method is very effective Net has been in use for about 1000 BC.

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4- Some fry hide themselves as bird droppings

Larvae or caterpillars are a favorite snack for some birds. In order for these larvae to protect themselves, they may appear in various forms. Some appear to be like branches, others like snake heads, or like a cat’s moth. These are amazing appearances and are also considered frightening insects.

There are also larvae that can hide themselves as if they are bird droppings and have colors such as, black or gray with another from yellow or white, and some of them hang from a branch or leaf, which makes them more convincing, and studies show that birds are three times less attacking on these fry. From straight larvae.

5- A female mare of the Prophet eats her spouse

A female mare of the Prophet is considered frightening and carnivorous insect, but of the same sex, and this is not always but sometimes, and this is if the male is lucky enough to be able to escape and remains alive, and if the female is larger and stronger then she will eat the male at the end The matter, and in fact the female begins to take up the male’s head even before mating, and it is surprising that the male can perform pollination, but he will not be able to go anywhere after that.

6- Intrusive larvae eat their mothers

Worse than eating a life partner is eating the mother herself, and this is what parasitic larvae do with a twisted wing, and these are frightening jealous insects that live inside bees, wasps and cockroaches. The young ones begin to go out, they eat their mothers from the inside, and these larvae grow and go out from the family to look for a new family as they grow and develop into the adult larvae and the cycle begins again.

7- Dung house flies continuously

Home flies eat a lot of food, but they cannot eat everything until they can fly, so they constantly excrete their droppings, and they also vomit regularly, and this is because they cannot chew on solid food, when they find solid food like a slice of bread they vomit on it In order for the bread to become softer, and when the bread becomes soft enough, the fly absorbs everything vomit and food, and we must bear in mind that the home fly is loaded with thirty million bacteria, and its legs carry six million other types of bacteria and are also Scary insects.

8- Ladybug larva has a shield made of manure

Larvae found for different types of beetles have a cover of dung and they are also considered scary insects, as they use this manure as a protection shield for them, and these dung shields not only work as a physical shield but also work as a chemical shield, and this shield is full of chemical compounds that repel other insects that You may consider eating it as food, and the shape and size of the shield varies between species, some of the larvae may carry the shield on its back, others may envelop the entire larva, and in both cases, the larva needs a lot of energy to carry the shield, which can weigh up to half a weight Grub.


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