12 Safety Rules That Kids Should Follow in the Apartment Kitchen

Kitchen safety tips

Cooking with your kids can be a fun bonding experience, but it also has a few safety pitfalls.

If you’re preparing to enjoy cooking with your children, there are some essential kitchen safety tips every parent should keep in mind.

Read on for a list of 12 tips that will keep you, your kitchen, and your kid safe while you cook.

1. Keep Dangerous Objects out of Reach

From sharp knives to your blender’s blades, little curious fingers may try to grab these dangerous items. Always keep knives and other sharp objects stored up high or inside a locking cabinet. Never allow kids to use these items unless they are under your supervision.

2. Unplug Your Small Appliances

When you’re finished with small countertop appliances, make sure that you unplug them. This will prevent the possibility of a fire, and it also prevents a potential electric shock if they come into contact with water. Teach your kids kitchen safety tips like never using or plugging in any appliances without your permission.

3. Turn Pot Handles Inward

When you cook using pots and pans, make sure that the handles are turned inward, away from the stovetop. Handles that stick out can accidentally be knocked over, which may result in spills and burns. Teach your kids to steer clear of the stove and oven whenever it’s turned on to avoid an accident.

4. Kitchen Safety Tips and Handwashing

Make sure your kids always wash their hands before and after they touch any food. This simple advice can create a good habit that will last a lifetime. Explain how germs can spread, and encourage your children to wash their hands every time they eat or cook so they can start these good habits early.

5. Use Locks and Socket Plugs

If you have young children, their curious nature could lead to a potential disaster. Lock your cabinets and keep items like medication and heavy objects safely under lock and key. Place socket plugs in all outlets so that tiny fingers don’t get into them, which may result in electrical shock.

6. Try Slip-Proof Stools While Your Children Cook

Your child will probably want to participate in making meals, but that can be tough if they’re short and cannot reach the counters. Find a kid-friendly stool with a durable slip-proof base to prevent falls or other accidents. When you’re done cooking together, put the stool away so they don’t get tempted to climb up when you are not in the room.

7. Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Kid-Friendly

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or apartments for rent, inspect the kitchen to make sure it’s kid-friendly. Some modern gourmet kitchens may not have the features you need to ensure that your child is safe. If you can make simple changes, it will be easy to turn a beautiful kitchen into one that the entire family can enjoy together.

8. Lay Down Ground Rules Immediately

Before you begin cooking with your kids, make sure you explain some important ground rules to them right from the start. These rules will ensure that everyone is on the same age and understands some fundamental things about proper kitchen safety. If possible, write the rules down on a chalkboard and hang it somewhere in your kitchen so everyone can see them.

9. Establish a Designated Kid Zone

Some parts of your kitchen might be perfect for your kids, while others may be off-limits. Set up a specific area where your children can eat, relax, and play. Make sure your children are clear about which parts of the kitchen they can go into and which areas should be avoided so they’re clear about boundaries.

10. Discuss How to Handle Emergencies

Whether it’s a small grease fire or a minor cut, explain how to handle these types of emergencies to your kids. Have a first aid kit handy so children can clean up cuts and use a bandaid if they accidentally cut themselves. Show them where the fire extinguisher is located and explain simple principles like never throwing water on a grease fire so they understand basic safety rules.

11. Practice Proper Hygiene

To prevent foodborne illnesses, make sure everyone rinses fruits and vegetables and keeps food cold until it’s ready to be cooked. Never put raw and cooked food on the same cutting board. Make sure your kids only use clean cooking utensils and wipe down counters after they cook or prep any food.

12. Store All Food Safely

From individual ingredients to the final results, make sure that you store all food properly to prevent sickness or contamination. Seal your food in the proper containers and refrigerate them according to the specific instructions. Never eat food that has been sitting at room temperature for too long, and teach your kids about proper food storage.

Staying Safe in the Kitchen Made Easy

With these helpful kitchen safety tips, you and your children can have memories that will last a lifetime. Teaching good habits early will instill the right values in your kids so that they can pass it on to the next generation.

Make sure you lock dangerous items safely away and always ensure that your kids are cooking under your direct supervision. Practice good hygiene and remember to have fun whenever you cook together as a family.

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